What Does an Orthodontist Do? - Video

Orthodontists are specialized dentists who work with patients to straighten teeth. It is a type of dentistry that requires specialized training. All Orthodontists must be a licensed dentist in order to practice.

Job Description

An Orthodontist is a specialized dentist that focuses on straightening teeth. Orthodontists are licensed by the American Dental Association and have either a Doctor of Dental Surgery or a Doctor of Dental Medicine. They work with patients to treat improper bites, crooked teeth or jaw problems. Most Orthodontists provide cosmetic treatment, though some specialize in working with other areas of the jaw and face in order to help patients who have been victims of an accident or other such situations.

Daily Duties

Orthodontists perform consultations with patients who have bite problems and figure out the best approach to treat these issues. These professionals may also work with patients to treat skeletal and periodontal problems, cleft lips or facial abnormalities. Orthodontists often straighten their patients' teeth by applying pressure. This usually involves retainers or braces. Once the retainer or braces are applied, Orthodontists see patients regularly to follow-up and monitor progress.

Work Setting

Orthodontists typically work as solo practitioners. They work with a small staff of orthodontist assistants or even alone as part of their own business. Orthodontists may also work with partners or for another dentist as part of an extended or special department. Most Orthodontists work an average of four to five days a week, though the number of hours worked can vary. Some may even keep office hours on the weekends or evenings in order to accommodate their patients.

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