What Is Management Information Systems (MIS)? - Video

Students who major in Management Information Systems (MIS) learn how to design, implement and maintain effective information systems for a variety of different businesses. MIS jobs are considered to be among the most 'recession-proof' jobs of the age. Learn more about Management Information Systems careers here.

MIS Overview

Management Information Systems (MIS) is a term used to describe the active management of computerized information systems within an organization. Most MIS programs combine business and computer technology training to teach students how to effectively design and manage information systems.

After completing an MIS program, students will be able to critically analyze a variety of business processes. They will also be able to identify problems in potential or existing systems and determine ways in which these problems can be addressed or corrected. This may include securing computer data, overseeing an organization's help desk or performing upgrades to software and systems.

Careers in Management Information Systems

Individuals who have formal training in Management Information Systems can pursue a number of different careers. Some of the most popular occupation titles include MIS director, systems analyst, systems administrator and database administrator.

An MIS director specializes in the management of computer resources to ensure the flow and security of data. Systems analysts analyze and improve existing systems. Systems administrators install and maintain networks and computer systems. Database administrators organize and manage database systems.

Some of the other jobs that a student of Management Information Systems will be qualified for include network administrator, project manager, IT director, information security specialist and support analyst. Opportunities also exist in software development, technical support and web design.

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