What Is Bioinformatics? - Video

Bioinformatics is a science field that combines biology, information technology and computer science. Individuals who study Bioinformatics can become bioinformaticians, computational biologists and biostatisticians. Learn more about careers in Bioinformatics here.

Bioinformatics Overview

Bioinformatics is an emerging science that uses computational techniques and databases to store biological data. This science can be used to organize and understand vast amounts of data, such as the assembly of the human genome. Bioinformatics can also be used to manage and process databases that are used to develop drugs, analyze DNA and study evolution.

The ultimate goal of this growing field is to increase understanding of known and unknown biological processes. To work in Bioinformatics, individuals need specialized training. The field relies heavily on advanced computer techniques and requires extensive knowledge of mathematical formulas, computational biology, statistics and information technology.

Careers in Bioinformatics

Students who earn a degree in Bioinformatics can pursue a wide range of careers. Some of the most popular occupation titles include bioinformatician, computational biologist and biostatistician. Bioinformaticians create and use software. They also work in academic research. Computational biologists develop computational techniques to interpret genetic and biological information. They are frequently responsible for solving complex problems. Biostatisticians are researchers who use their knowledge of math, science and statistics to study diseases and other health concerns. They also write and review information for publication.

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