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CAT Scan Technology, or CT Scan Technology as it is also known, is an x-ray technique used to capture images of the body. Students who study this medical technology can work as CAT Scan Technicians or CT Technologists. Learn more about careers in CAT Scan Technology here.

An Overview of CAT Scan Technology

Also known as computerized tomography, CAT Scans are x-rays that can produce unique images of the human body. Unlike traditional x-ray technology, CAT Scans use a powerful computer that can rotate around the body to reveal detailed images of bones, vessels and organs. Doctors frequently order CAT Scans to see the inner structure of the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and other parts of the body; this helps them diagnose problems that may not be seen with another medical test.

Careers in CAT Scan Technology

Most of the students who study CAT Scan Technology obtain work as a CT technician. CT technicians, or CT technologists as they are also known, are responsible for operating the scanners that capture the images doctors need. They must position the patient precisely and administer the correct contrast materials to get a quality scan. Because CAT Scan Technology uses radiation, technicians must know how to follow safety precautions to ensure that no harm comes to themselves or their patients.

Most CT technicians work in hospitals or diagnostic imaging centers, but positions are also available in medical laboratories, clinics and nursing homes. Many CT technicians start out as radiology techs before getting the advanced training need to work with CAT Scan Technology.

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