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Clinical Psychology is the largest and most popular sub-field of psychology. People who work in Clinical Psychology are known as clinical psychologists. These professionals assess, diagnose and treat mental disorders.

Clinical Psychology Overview

Clinical Psychology is a term used to describe scientific study and practice of psychology. It is often confused with psychiatry, a field that also involves treating mental disorders, but the two practices are unique. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who tend to focus on medication-based solutions. Clinical psychologists are psychology professionals who rely on assessments and therapy as well as other types of treatment.

They typically treat patients with serious mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder, depression or schizophrenia, but may also assist people in dealing with personal crises or emotional problems. Clinical psychologists frequently work in rehabilitation settings as well to help people with injuries or illnesses adjust to their new lives.

Careers in Clinical Psychology

Many clinical psychologists choose to specialize in particular areas of psychology, such as adult mental health, child mental health, substance abuse or health psychology. Regardless of specialization, most clinical psychologists work in hospitals, clinics and counseling centers. A number of clinical psychologists have their own private practices.

Clinical psychologists typically spend the majority of their time helping mentally and emotionally distressed clients. This may involve interviewing patients, administering diagnostic tests or helping patients implement treatment plans. Clinical psychologists often work closely with other physicians and may even work with community services to develop mental health programs.

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