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Computer Forensics is a branch of forensic science. Also known as digital forensics, Computer Forensics is an investigative technique that is frequently used to gather evidence for court cases. People who work in Computer Forensics are often known as computer forensics investigators, digital media analysts or digital detectives.

An Overview

Computer Forensics is an analysis technique that can be used to recover data stored on a computer or another digital device. This scientific technique is often used to recover data that has been lost because of software or hardware failure. Computer Forensics is also employed to collect evidence for legal cases or uncover evidence of computer crimes like identity theft, credit card fraud and computer hacking.

Careers in Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is a growing field with diverse job opportunities. Students who have a formal education can work as computer forensics investigators, digital media analysts or digital detectives.

Computer forensics investigators and digital media analysts recover, collect and evaluate the evidence stored on computers and digital devices. Digital detectives, also known as cyber cops, detect and investigate cyber crimes.

Most of the people who are employed in Computer Forensics find work though government agencies, law enforcement agencies and private security firms. Job opportunities also exist with consulting companies and military intelligence agencies.

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