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EKG Technology, or ECG Technology as it is also known, is a health care technology used in the diagnosis and treatment of problems that are related to the heart. People who work in EKG Technology are typically referred to as EKG or electrocardiograph technicians. Learn more about careers in EKG Technology here.

EKG Technology Overview

EKG Technology is a special health care technology that measures the electrical activity of a heartbeat. Also known as an EKG test or electrocardiogram, this non-invasive technology helps physicians determine the causes of chest pain, heart disease, irregular heartbeats and other problems associated with the heart. EKG tests are also used to see how well medicines are working and to check the performance of medical devices, such as pacemakers.

The people who perform EKG test are known as EKG or electrocardiograph technicians. These technicians attach electrodes to a patient and operate the EKG machine which translates the heart's activity into spiked lines on a piece of paper. The technician then hands the test results over to a physician for analysis.

Technicians with advanced training may also perform stress tests and other types of patient tests, such as Holter monitoring. Stress tests often require a patient to run on a treadmill or perform another type of physical activity. Technicians typically monitor a patient throughout the stress test with an EKG machine and take blood pressure readings. When participating in a Holter monitor, technicians attach a mobile EKG machine to a patient and instruct the patient to go about normal activities for 24 hours. After the monitoring period is over, the technician removes the machine and prepares printouts for a physician's examination.

Careers in EKG Technology

Most EKG technicians work in the cardiology departments of hospitals. However, job opportunities can also be found in diagnostic laboratories, imaging centers and physician's offices. After gaining a significant amount of experience, technicians can advance to higher levels within the occupation and may even be able to take on a supervisory or management position.

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