What Is Histotechnology? - Video

Sometimes known as medical laboratory science or medical laboratory technology, Histotechnology is a sub-specialty within the field of biomedical science. Students who study Histotechnology typically find work in hospitals or clinical pathology labs. Learn more about Histotechnology here.

Histotechnology Overview

Histotechnology is a scientific technology that is used to find medical information that lies within tissue structure. Without Histotechnology, pathologists and doctors would be unable to accurately identify and diagnose many medical problems.

Histotechnology professionals cut tissues and prepare them for examination under a microscope. This may involve cutting tissues a certain way, freezing them or staining them with materials to make the tissue structure viewable.

Careers in Histotechnology

Histotechnologists, also known as histologists or HTLs, typically work in hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories and other health care facilities. Their primary responsibilities include preparing human or animal tissue samples for microscopic examination.

Experienced HTLs can also specialize in a specific area, such as electron microscopy or immunohistochemistry. Electron microscopy professionals work with tissues that are much smaller than normal and immunohistochemistry professionals stain tissues to identify tumor cells.

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