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Industrial Design is a cross between engineering and art. Students who major in Interior Design learn how to create and manufacture safe, functional and innovative products for everyday use. After earning a degree in Industrial Design, students can work for manufacturing, engineering and design firms.

Industrial Design Overview

Also known as commercial design, Industrial Design is an applied art that involves the industrialization of consumer products. People who work in this field are known as Industrial Designers.

Many Industrial Designers specialize in a specific area, such as automobiles, appliances, medical equipment, furniture, toys or houseware. Regardless of specialization, Industrial Designers are responsible for the style, functionality and quality of manufactured goods.

These professionals research new product designs to suit the tastes of consumers. They also work to improve existing products. After sketching images or creating models, Industrial Designers present their ideas to clients and managers. If the ideas are safe, marketable and cost effective, they will be transformed into consumer products.

Careers in Industrial Design

Most Industrial Designers work for engineering or manufacturing firms. Job opportunities are also available through specialized design firms. Self-employment is common as well. Approximately one-third of all Industrial Designers own their own consulting firm or work as freelancers for other companies. Experienced designers often advance to supervisory positions, such as chief designer or design department head. Others go on to become teachers in colleges, universities and other education facilities.

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