What Is Nuclear Medicine? - Video

Nuclear Medicine is a modern medical imaging technique that can be used to diagnose problems and treat disease. Students who have studied Nuclear Medicine can work as nuclear medicine technologists, nuclear medicine physicists, nuclear medicine engineers or nuclear medicine physicians.

An Overview

Nuclear medicine uses small amounts of radioactive materials to diagnose disease in medical patients. During diagnostic procedures, radioactive materials are administered to patients and then tracked with specially made cameras, which create an image on a screen or film. Nuclear medicine can also be used to safely and effectively treat cancer and other medical conditions, such as arthritis. When used as treatment or therapy, nuclear medicine is administered in controlled doses directly to the organ or problem area.

Careers in Nuclear Medicine

There are many different career paths for students of nuclear medicine. One of the most common is nuclear medicine technologist. Also known as nuclear medicine specialists, nuclear medicine technologists administer radioactive drugs and create diagnostic images. Most technologists work in hospitals, physician offices and diagnostic laboratories.

Students who have earned advanced degrees in nuclear medicine can work as nuclear medicine physicists or engineers. These professionals test and develop instruments and approaches to nuclear medicine. Most work in research labs, but positions are also available in education.

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