What Is Phlebotomy? - Video

Phlebotomy is a fancy medical term used to describe the act of drawing blood from a vein. People who are trained to collect blood in a clinical setting are known as phlebotomists.

An Overview or Phlebotomy

In modern medicine, Phlebotomy is used to collect blood samples for analysis and transfusion purposes. Phlebotomy may also be used as a therapeutic treatment for certain disorders that affect the blood such as PCV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

People who are professionally trained to draw blood in a clinical or medical environment are known as phlebotomists. These professionals collect blood by inserting a needle into the patient's vein. If a small amount of blood is needed, phlebotomists will use a finger stick to make a small cut on the patient's finger.

Phlebotomists must be able to draw blood without causing a patient too much discomfort. They must also be able to clearly explain procedures to patients, keep medical records and sterilize equipment prior to use. Other job responsibilities include bottling, preparing and labeling samples.

Careers in Phlebotomy

Most phlebotomists work in hospitals, physician's offices, laboratories, medical clinics, blood banks or research institutions. However, there are some phlebotomists who are self-employed. These individuals usually travel to various locations, such as nursing homes, home health agencies and individual homes, to collect samples from people who are either bedridden or homebound for another reason.

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