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Sonography, also known as ultrasound technology, uses sound waves to take pictures of internal organs and tissues. Students who specialize in this health care field typically go on to become Sonographers or Ultrasound Technicians.

Sonography Overview

Diagnostic medical sonography, or simply sonography, is one of the many technologies that doctors use to diagnose disease, illnesses and other medical problems. Technicians manipulate machines that use sound waves to take pictures that are known as sonograms.

A sonogram can show doctors what is going on inside the body. This diagnostic tool is one of the easiest and safest ways to diagnose medical problems. Sonograms are also used to track the development of unborn babies.

Although many people think that doctors are the ones who operate sonography machines, the truth is that this task is always completed by individuals who have completed degree programs in Sonography or Ultrasound Technology.

Careers in Sonography

Individuals who study sonography typically work as Sonographers, or Ultrasound Technicians as they are sometimes called. These individuals are employed by hospitals, physician's offices, private clinics and diagnostic labs. Most sonographers specialize in a specific branch such as breast sonography or abdominal sonography.

Regardless of specialization, Sonographers are expected to obtain diagnostic images using a sonography machine. These professionals must also provide doctors with a written summary of their findings. Other job duties include interacting with patients, recordkeeping and basic clerical tasks.

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