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Supply Chain Management is a term used to describe the management of the multiple organizations, or supply chains, that get a product from the manufacturing stage into the hands of consumers. Students who study Supply Chain Management can work for manufacturers, retailers, consulting firms and transportation service providers.

Supply Chain Management Overview

Supply Chains are a group of organizations that work together to get a product from the raw materials stage into the hands of consumers. These organizations can include anyone from parts suppliers, manufacturers, and purchasing departments, to distributors, retailers and transportation services.

To ensure that supply chains are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible, organizations actively manage all of the steps a product must go through to reach an end user. This is known as Supply Chain Management. Individuals who are involved in Supply Chain Management are constantly looking for new strategies and tactical measures that will improve the supply chain process. This may include everything from deciding where a product is manufactured to developing cost effect transportation for products and materials.

Careers in Supply Chain Management

Many of the students who study Supply Chain Management go on to work for manufacturers, retailers, consulting firms, transportation service providers and other supply chain participants. Job opportunities are also available in the third party logistics (3PL) industry.

Common occupation titles in Supply Chain Management include customer service manager, production manager, fulfillment supervisor, warehouse operations manager, logistics manager and supply chain analyst. Regardless of title, Supply Chain Management professionals work together and with other people to adopt measures that will lower costs and heighten customer satisfaction.

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