What Is a Degree in Textile Design? - Video

Degree programs in Textile Design prepare students for careers in the billion-dollar textile industry. After earning a degree, students can work for manufacturing companies, design firms or retailers. Opportunities are also available for freelance designers. Learn more about earning a degree in Textile Design here.

Degree Overview

Degree programs in Textile Design train students for design and development positions within the fields of fashion or interior furnishings. These programs are available at colleges and universities across the nation and typically result in an associate, bachelor or master degree. After completing a Textile Design program, students will be able to design a wide range of textile products, including apparel, upholstery, carpet and paper products.

Required Courses

Most Textile Design programs combine classwork with studio time to help students develop an eye for pattern, color and texture. Students spend a significant amount of time working with different types of fibers, yarns, dyes and fabrics. They also learn different types of design and production techniques. Required courses commonly include instruction in:

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Print Design
  • Textile Chemistry
  • Textile Engineering
  • Weaving
  • and Drawing

Careers in Textile Design

Most of the people who earn a degree in Textile Design go on to work as designers for manufacturing companies, design firms or retailers. Job duties typically include researching design trends, drawing sketches, creating digital designs, printing fabrics and producing textile products. After building up a portfolio of work, many textile designers begin their own design firm or consulting service. These designers typically spend their time creating and marketing textile designs.

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