• Art and Design Degree Options - Video

    The degree options in Art and Design are many and range from a Graphic Design certificate to a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography. Many schools offer a variety of programs in Art and Design, including two-year and four-year colleges.

  • Computer Aided Drafting Careers - Video

    Computer Aided Drafting, sometimes known as Computer Aided Drafting and Design, is a drafting technique used to create blueprints and drawings for engineers, manufacturers and other construction professionals. Students who study Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) can work for manufacturing, architectural, engineering, and related services firms.

  • Computer Animation Degree Options - Video

    Computer Animation degree programs offer students the opportunity to pursue careers in the arts and electronic graphics development. Animators, cartoonists and other creative staff make vital contributions in nearly every genre of today's media landscape. Read more to learn if a Computer Animation degree is right for you.

  • Digital Media Degrees - Video

    Earning a Digital Media degree can prepare students for creative careers in entertainment and the arts. From working in television, film and photography to creating content for the Web, these programs can equip professionals with skills for some of today's most dynamic industries. Learn more about earning a Digital Media degree.

  • Fashion Degree Options - Video

    Degree options in Fashion can include fashion design, accessory and footwear design, retail merchandising or marketing. Students in these programs are typically creative and have a good eye for color, textures, and fashion trends. Fashion degree programs are typically found in two-year technical or community colleges.

  • Fashion Marketing Degrees - Video

    Degree programs in Fashion Marketing seek to bridge the gap between creativity and business by teaching students about fashion design and marketing. Students who earn a Fashion Marketing degree can enter a number of exciting careers in the fashion industry.

  • Graphic Design Degree Options - Video

    Earning a degree in Graphic Design gives you the opportunity to pursue creative careers in media and the arts. Graphic design jobs are available in advertising, publishing, television and other industries utilizing images and words to communicate messages to consumers. These designers and artists make vital contributions in news, entertainment and Web environments. Learn more about earning a Graphic Design degree.

  • How Do I Become a Barber? - Video

    Barbers are hairstylists who specialize in men's hair. To become a Barber, you must complete a formal education program and earn a license. Learn more about specific requirements here.

  • How Do I Become a Shoe Designer? - Video

    If you have an eye for fashion and a passion for shoes, you may want to consider a career as a Shoe Designer. Shoe Designers, or shoemakers as they are sometimes known, are fashion industry professionals that focus exclusively on footwear design. Learn more about the education and training required to become a Shoe Designer here.

  • Interior Design Degree Options - Video

    Individuals interested in designing internal spaces, whether for commercial or residential areas, should consider a degree in Interior Design. These programs offer hands-on training and encourage students to develop design portfolios in order to sell potential employers and clients on their skills and abilities.

  • Multimedia Design Degree Options - Video

    A degree in Multimedia Design prepares students for a variety of career options. Multimedia can be anything from web page development and graphics to interactive programming and video animation. Students can obtain multimedia design skills through a two-year program at most technical colleges and trade schools.

  • Photography Degrees - Video

    Degrees in Photography are best suited to students who are interested in becoming professional photographers. These degree programs will give students the artistic and technical knowledge necessary to work in industrial photography, scientific photography, commercial photography and photo journalism. Learn more about earning a degree in Photography here.

  • What Does a Cartoon Artist Do? - Video

    A Cartoon Artist specializes in cartoon drawing. Cartoon drawings may be humorous, political or editorial in nature. A Cartoon Artist may also be referred to as a cartoonist.

  • What Does a Make Up Artist Do? - Video

    Make Up Artists, also known as personal appearance workers, specialize in make up application. These professionals work with models, performers and everyday people who wish to present their best faces. Find out what you need to become a make-up artist here.

  • What is a Degree in Textile Design? - Video

    Degree programs in Textile Design prepare students for careers in the billion-dollar textile industry. After earning a degree, students can work for manufacturing companies, design firms or retailers. Opportunities are also available for freelance designers. Learn more about earning a degree in Textile Design here.