• Culinary Arts Degree Options - Video

    Students with an interest in culinary arts can find sufficient training through two-year programs at technical colleges or trade schools. Such programs cover topics like food preparation and presentation, food service management, nutrition, baking and international cuisine. With the right amount of culinary training students can go on to become bakers, chefs or food service managers.

  • What Does a Cake Decorator Do? - Video

    A Cake Decorator typically has a background in baking. This person uses decorative elements to add visual elements to a cake. Other titles may include a cake designer or pastry artisan.

  • What Does a Sous Chef Do? - Video

    Sous Chefs, also known as sub chefs, are second in command in the kitchen. These professional cooks are responsible for planning and directing food preparation. Sous Chefs are also responsible for assisting executive chefs and chefs de cuisine. Learn more about working as a Sous Chef here.