• Childcare Management Certificates - Video

    People who earn a certificate in Childcare Management are prepared to run day care centers, preschools and other child care services. Learn more about what it takes to earn a certificate and begin a career in Child Day Care Management.

  • Early Childhood Education Degrees - Video

    Early Childhood Education refers to the education children receive from birth to age eight. Students who earn a degree in Early Childhood Education can work in a variety of different settings, including preschools, elementary schools, daycare centers, child services, health care facilities and community centers.

  • How Do I Become a High School Teacher? - Video

    High School Teachers enjoy rewarding education careers. These teaching professionals play an invaluable role in students' academic, social and emotional development. At the high school level, educators also have the opportunity to serve as mentors for young people weighing career options. Learn more about how you can become a High School Teacher.

  • How Do I Become a Home Economics Teacher? - Video

    Home Economics Teachers teach students about child care, family relations, consumer sciences and related topics. Like other teachers, Home Ec teachers need at least a bachelor's degree to work with students in a classroom setting. Learn more about the specific education and licensing requirements for Home Economics Teachers.

  • How Do I Become a Preschool Teacher? - Video

    Teaching is among the most important and rewarding professions. Preschool teachers can be particularly instrumental in the formative years of a child's development. While these programs were once limited, increased funding for Head Start and other preK initiatives has employment opportunities in this area of education on the rise. Those interested in becoming educators can select from countless teacher prep programs available throughout the country.

  • How Do I Become a Substitute Teacher? - Video

    If you are looking for a job that is in demand, you may want to consider becoming a Substitute Teacher. Nearly 50 percent of schools report that they do not have enough Substitute Teachers to fill in for other teachers in the classroom. Find out what kind of education and training you need to become a Substitute Teacher for your school district.

  • How Do I Become an Elementary Art Teacher? - Video

    Teaching is widely regarded to be among the most important and rewarding professions. Elementary teaching is often thought to be especially important given the prominent role it plays in the formative years of a child's development. Within this area of education are opportunities for Art Teachers. Art Teachers help students in primary grades learn about different art forms and express themselves using visual media. Learn more about how you can become an Elementary Art Teacher.

  • How Do I Become an Elementary Music Teacher? - Video

    Are you interested in teaching music to children? Elementary music teachers enjoy rewarding careers. These educators have the opportunity to build music skills in students while playing an important role in their healthy social and emotional development. Learn more about education programs that can prepare you to become an elementary music teacher.

  • How Do I Become an English Teacher? - Video

    English teachers enjoy rewarding careers in education. These teaching professionals can play an important role in building language, analytical and creative abilities in students. At the same time, these educators can inspire young people by cultivating their appreciation for the literary arts. Learn more about becoming an English teacher.

  • Master's Degrees in Curriculum and Instruction - Video

    Students who have earned a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction can increase employment opportunities and salary potential. Although this degree program is meant for current educators, it can be taken by anyone with the appropriate academic background. Learn more about earning a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

  • Master's Degrees in Education Administration - Video

    Education administrators are responsible for overseeing activities in daycare centers, schools, colleges, universities and other education facilities. To work in this field, educators need at least a master's degree in Education Administration. This degree can be earned through a number of different colleges and universities. Learn more about what you can expect from a master's program in Education Administration.

  • Teaching Degree Options - Video

    Teaching is widely regarded to be among the most important and rewarding professions. Teachers in elementary and secondary schools throughout the nation play an invaluable role in young people's academic, social and emotional development. Learn more about whether earning a Teaching degree might be right for you.

  • What Does a Certified Reading Specialist Do? - Video

    A Certified Reading Specialist is a licensed teacher who helps aid in reading instruction for kindergarten through twelfth grade. CRS certification is often earned as part of a master's degree program or in addition to such a program.

  • What Does a Physical Education (PE) Teacher Do? - Video

    Physical Education Teachers, or Phys Ed Teachers as they are sometimes known, teach health and fitness courses in educational institutions. Many Phys Ed Teachers also work as coaches or athletic directors. Learn more about the job duties of a Physical Education Teacher here.

  • What Does a School Guidance Counselor Do? - Video

    School Guidance Counselors work in school or classroom settings to provide counseling to students. They work with students in areas of academic achievement, career development and college admissions. School Guidance Counselors may work anywhere from elementary to postsecondary education.