• How Do I Become a Licensed Professional Counselor? - Video

    Professional Counselors, also known as therapists, give guidance to people who are experiencing problems in their personal lives or careers. To work as a Licensed Professional Counselor, you must meet specific education requirements and pass the necessary licensing examinations. Learn more about becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor here.

  • How Do I Become a Mental Health Counselor? - Video

    Before you can become a Mental Health Counselor, you must meet national standards for education, training, licensing and certification. Read on to learn more about the education and training required for clinical practice in mental health counseling.

  • Human Services Degrees - Video

    Human Services is a fast growing field with diverse job opportunities. Students who earn a Human Services degree can work in human services or social work. If you are interested in helping people cope with their problems, a Human Services degree might be right for you.

  • Master's Degree in Community Counseling - Video

    Individuals with a master's degree in community counseling can obtain Professional Counselor/Professional Clinical Counselor licensure and may go on to work as clinicians in a variety of community mental health establishments, including mental health clinics, counseling centers, hospitals, and private practices. Students in the community counseling master's degree program will complete coursework covering relevant topics such as human development, multicultural issues, group and individual counseling procedures, theories of counseling, and specialized clinical skills.

  • Master's Degrees in Counseling Psychology - Video

    A Master of Science in Counseling Psychology is a graduate-level degree that is available from a wide range of colleges and universities. This degree prepares students for positions in counseling and research. Learn more about earning a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology here.

  • What Does a Certified Addictions Counselor Do? - Video

    Certified Addictions Counselors help individuals and families deal with issues of addition. Certification levels may include becoming a master addiction counselor or a tobacco addiction specialist. A bachelor's degree is required for certification, though many states also require a master's degree and additional training.

  • What Does a Child Life Specialist Do? - Video

    A Child Life Specialists works with families and children to help them prepare for and manage the hospitalization process. They have a background in child development and at minimum, a bachelor's degree in psychology, development or another related field.

  • What Does a Child Psychologist Do? - Video

    A Child Psychologist is a psychology professional that works specifically with children. Child Psychologists can work as therapists, consultants or advisors. Experienced professionals can also work in teaching or research.

  • What Does a Psychiatrist Do? - Video

    Psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors who are trained to deal with mental disorders and disabilities. They are the primary caregivers for those dealing with mental illness.

  • What Does a Substance Abuse Counselor Do? - Video

    A Substance Abuse Counselor works with families and individuals to overcome addiction. These addictions can include drugs or alcohol. SA Counselors provide assessments, counseling and suggestions for further services to help addicted individuals cope and lead normal lives.

  • What is Clinical Psychology? - Video

    Clinical Psychology is the largest and most popular sub-field of psychology. People who work in Clinical Psychology are known as clinical psychologists. These professionals assess, diagnose and treat mental disorders.