What Is Business Communications?

What do memos, meetings, conferences, and e-mail have in common? They all help to make up the broad category of business communications. In this article, let's take a closer look at what counts as business communications and how it is changing in the digital age. Schools offering Business Communications degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Field Overview

If you've ever read a memo or gotten out of a meeting and had absolutely no idea what the point was, you've run up against poor communication in business. Obviously, it shouldn't be that way, but how do you improve it? Answering this question is the goal of 'business communications', a term that describes all sorts of interactions in a business environment, from presentations to e-mail to face-to-face meetings.

Business communication courses can provide a solid foundation for students looking to enter this field. These courses can be taken through a degree program in business communication, and business communication courses can also be found within a Bachelor of Arts in Communication program.

Important Facts About This Field of Study

Degree Levels Certificate, Bachelor's, Master's
Online Availability Fully online
Concentrations Health communication, marketing communication, human resource management
Possible Careers Advertising specialist, public opinion researcher, benefits administrator

Business Communication Courses

Although specific courses will be different in each business communication program, most curriculum cover the same general topics. The list below contains a few examples of the most common subjects featured in a business communication degree program:


With the advent of e-mail and instant messaging, writing has become even more essential to business communication. All professionals, regardless of their profession or field, need to have solid writing skills so that they can express their ideas and cooperate with coworkers. Employees need to present information as cleanly and as clearly as possible, and business writing courses will provide this instruction.

Public Relations

A staple of most business communications programs is a class in public relations. This area of study focuses on an organization's efforts to present a favorable image to the general public, and clear, concise communication is an essential tool for any type of public relations work. In this course, students will study the the fundamental concepts and practices of PR and learn about corporate interactions with both external and internal communities that are affiliated with or affected by a company's work.

Emerging Media

As we've already mentioned, the shape of business communications is changing. Teleconferencing, e-mail, and PowerPoint presentations have become regular features of an office landscape that would've been inconceivable 20 years ago. With these new mediums comes a new set of rules for using them. Emerging media courses introduce students to these new means of communication and explore the most effective ways to use them.

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