What Is Career Change Training?

Career change training involves coursework, training or other activities to enable a person to improve his or her employment opportunities. This article provides information about career change training reasons and opportunities.

Common Reasons for Career Change Training

People decide to make a change in their careers for many reasons. A job may have become obsolete due to changing technology or marketplace demands. A provider of products or services might move to another location or go out of business due to economic problems. Career change training can add new skills and knowledge to improve employment opportunities in a related field. Education in a new field can also prepare a student to work in an entirely different occupation.

Important Facts About Training Courses

Prerequisites Depends on program; most require only a high school diploma, although certain programs may require relevant certification or skills
Common Courses Business writing, public speaking, copy editing, grammar
Possible Careers Programs offer training for just about every possible career, including: anesthesia technologist, carpenter, bookkeeper, dog obedience trainer
Continuing Education Instead of preparing students for entry into a new field, some programs offer continuing education courses that allow professionals to qualify for more prominent positions in the field in which they already work

Career Change Training for Vocational Rehabilitation

Some career change training is precipitated by accidents, illness or the age of an employee. Someone who is injured on the job may be retrained to work in a different career. For example, a former carpenter who must use a wheelchair to get around could undertake career change training in order to become a drafting technician. Individuals who retire after military service might begin another career through career change training programs.

Sponsors of Career Change Training

Career change training programs are offered at many public and private institutions. For example, funding can be provided by employers who want to help employees in a plant closure. Federal, state and local governments also offer career counseling programs that assist employees in making career change decisions. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans can take advantage of Veterans Administration programs to assist in career planning and training. Employers who agree to participate in a vocational rehabilitation program can also receive federal tax credits.

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