What Is the Average Entry-Level Wage for a Truck Driver?

Different types of truck drivers in the United States have different average entry-level wages. Read on to learn more about the entry-level salaries and wage information for tractor trailer truck drivers. Schools offering Logistics & Transportation Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Occupation Overview

Truck drivers are commercial drivers employed to transport and deliver a wide variety of goods, such as livestock, agriculture, or building materials. Delivery routes often span over long distances and sometimes even cross through several states, while other routes are local and require shorter shifts. This occupation requires special schooling and licensing in order to be employable, and there are many rules and regulations that drivers must abide by.

Important Facts About Truck Driving

Job Outlook (2012-2022) 11%
Entry-Level Education Postsecondary non-degree award
On-the-Job Training Short-term on-the-job-training
Similar Occupations Bus drivers, railroad occupations, taxi drivers and chauffeurs
Licensing Commercial driver's license

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Median Hourly Wages

Wages vary for tractor trailer truck drivers, as do the methods in which those wages are paid. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, www.bls.gov) reports wages for the lowest to the highest earners in any given occupation. The amount of experience is one factor that strongly influences the wages earned by a truck driver, although education and training, specifics employers, location, and industry are influential, as well.

In May 2014, the BLS reported that the lowest ten percent of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers took home hourly wages of $12.37 or less an hour. Payscale.com published that, as of September 2015, an entry-level truck driver may earn an hourly wage ranging from $13.56 to $23.21 an hour; the average hourly rate was reported as $17.34 an hour.

Salary by Industry

According to the BLS, general freight trucking services employed the greatest number of long-distance truck drivers in 2014. Roughly 585,720 truck drivers worked for freight trucking services, while specialized freight trucking companies employed 237,410; grocery stores and product merchant wholesalers employed 63,650 persons in 2014. The average annual salaries earned in each of these industry categories were reported by the BLS as follows: general freight, $43,180; specialized freight, $42,210; and grocers and product merchants, $46,340 a year.

Wages by State

The BLS lists the top five states with the highest average hourly wage as of May 2014. The list reflects total industry averages, not just entry-level averages. The top five states are, in order:

  1. Alaska ($26.00)
  2. North Dakota ($24.43)
  3. District of Columbia ($23.40)
  4. Wyoming ($23.31)
  5. Massachusetts ($23.06)

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