Adult Education FAQs

Adult Education Degrees

Find out how adult students can complete a college degree, and learn about degrees in the subject of adult education. Explore available programs and their requirements.

Adult Education Leadership Ph.D. Programs

Learn about the requirements to earn a doctoral degree in adult education leadership. Find out the classes available in these programs, and get information about career options for graduates.

How Do I Become an Adult Literacy Teacher?

Explore the career requirements for adult literacy teachers. Get the facts about education requirements, licensing, job growth and salary to determine if this is the right career for you.

Online Career Schools

'Career school' is a term that generally refers to trade, vocational and professional postsecondary schools and colleges. Find out what career preparatory programs you can complete online.

Online Career Training

Online training options are available in a variety of fields and can help individuals pursue specialized careers without having to commit to a full degree. Learn how hands-on work is incorporated into these programs, whether through residency...

Online Trade Schools

Trade schools are educational institutions that offer training for specific jobs. Learn the prerequisites and programs available at online trade schools.

What are Popular Adult Learning Options Online?

Popular adult learning options include online degree completion, professional advancement and personal enrichment courses. Read on to learn more about various online learning options for adults.

What is Adult Education?

Adult education is education for people over 18 who are not involved in a traditional college or university program. Students in adult education courses or programs typically have full-time jobs. They have work and other life experiences that...

What Kinds of Schools Offer Adult Education Programs?

Adult education programs are dedicated to the teaching or training of adults. Read on for more information about the kinds of schools that offer adult education programs.

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