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Associate's Degree Information: Business Degrees

This category includes information on many different associate's degrees in business. These degrees are designed for people who are looking for the knowledge and skills to enter the business world. Prospective students may choose to enter a program in accounting, business administration, hospitality management or human resources. Each of the below articles includes information on that degree, including a program overview, examples of coursework, career possibilities and a job outlook.

Accounting Administration Associate Degree

A 2-year associate's degree program in accounting administration can prepare you for entry to the workplace or continued education at the bachelor's degree level. Learn more about what this degree can prepare you for. Get information about...

Accounting Management Associate Degree Program

Get an overview of associate's degree programs that offer classes in managerial accounting. Keep reading to see what you'll study and what education and career paths are open to you after completion of this program.

Accounting Systems Administration Associate Degree

See how enrolling in an accounting systems administration associate's degree program can train you for a career in data processing and computer programming. Read on for program overview, online availability and professional cerification...

Accounting Technology Associate's Degree

Accounting technology programs prepare students for a number of positions in the financial departments of businesses, industries, service professions or governmental agencies. Read on to learn more about earning an accounting technology...

Acquisitions Management and Contract Management Associate's Degree

Acquisitions management and contract management associate's degree programs help students to develop the leadership, problem solving and negotiation skills commonly used in management careers in these fields. The degree can prepare graduates for...

Administrative Office Specialist Associate Degree Program

Find out what you'd learn in an associate degree program for administrative office specialists, and explore some specializations you could pursue. Check the prerequisites for enrolling in one of these programs, and review the job outlook and...

Administrative Professional Associate Degree

Explore what you'd learn in an administrative professional associate's degree program, and check the online availability of this program. Get career info for administrative professionals, including certification options, the job outlook and the...

Administrative Support Associate Degree Programs

Read on to learn more about associate's degree programs in administrative support. Find out about prerequisites and what you'll study. Keep reading to see what your career outlook and earning potential are in this field.

Advertising Design Associate's Degree

Find out about the graphic design and art concepts you'll learn as part of an associate's degree program in advertising design. This article will show you degree and course overviews, along with online learning options and career prospects.

Agribusiness Associate's Degree Program

An associate's degree program in agribusiness can prepare you to manage a farm, work in the retail food market, produce fertilizer or work in farm equipment sales. This article shares some courses in an agribusiness associate's degree program and...

Applied Management Associate's Degree

Associate's degree programs in applied management train students in the fundamentals of management. Learn more about these degree programs, including common coursework, online options and career opportunities for graduates.

Associate's Degree in Accounting

An associate's degree program in accounting can teach you how to analyze detailed financial reports for businesses and individuals. Read about the careers this degree may qualify you for, get course information and learn about professional...

Automated Accounting Associate Degree Program

Read on to learn about associate's degree programs in automated accounting. Learn about degree options, entry-level career information, and further education opportunities.

Banking and Finance Associate Degree Program

A good start to a career in finance and banking is an associate degree. This article looks at a typical associate program and the kinds of business and accounting courses that come with it. You can also check out some career options in banking.

Business Administration Associate Degree

Learn about the types of associate's degree programs in business administration, as well as the courses in these programs. Discover what careers you'll be prepared for with this degree.

Business Associate's Degree

In an associate's degree program in business, you will take general education courses in addition to business courses. With a 2-year business degree you could pursue jobs in marketing firms or accounting offices. Read about online and on-campus...

Business Information Systems Associate Degree

An associate's degree in business information systems can prepare you for a lucrative career in both computers and business. This article gives you a preview of common courses in an associate's program, as well as careers in engineering or...

Business Information Technology Associate Degree

Read about associate's degree programs in business information technology and related fields. Explore the typical curriculum, check whether online availability and review career options for this degree program.

Business Management Associate's Degree

Discover what courses you could take in a business management associate's degree programs, and check the availability of on-campus and online programs in this field. Explore the job options available to you after you earn your 2-year degree in...

Business Marketing Associate's Degree

Learn about business marketing associate's degrees, career opportunities and continuing education options. You can also read about common coursework in these programs and employment outlook for entry-level positions.

Business Office Administration Associate Degree

Find out about business office administration associate degrees, including coursework, prerequisites and other information. Additionally, you can learn about career opportunities, employment outlook and salaries for graduates with an associate...

Business Office e-Ministration Associate Degree

A business office e-ministration associate's degree could lead to a career as an office administrator, an office manager, or an administrative services coordinator. Classes could include principles of management, effective career management,...

Communication and Public Relations Associate's Degree Program

A communication and public relations associate's degree program can train you to work in fields relating to television, film, radio or the Internet. Through classes in public relations, speech, and media, these programs can prepare you for...

Construction Management Technology Associate Degree

Get information about the classes required by an associate's degree program in construction management technology. See what your career options are and what you could earn working in this field.

E-Business Associate's Degree

An associate's degree program in e-business or e-commerce can prepare you for a career handling the technical side of business operations. This article covers program details and what your career and educational options are after graduation.

E-Business Management Associate's Degree

E-business management courses can train you in business strategies and web page design in an associate's degree program. Learn about employment and certification options as well as continued education programs.

E-Commerce Administration Associate Degree

Get information about associate's degree programs in e-commerce administration, the study of using the Internet and websites to conduct business. See what classes are offered, learn what kind of job you could land and what you could earn.

E-Commerce Associate's Degree

An e-commerce associate's degree program can prepare you for a career that combines Internet customer service and Web design. Read on for program and course information. See about online learning and career options, too.

Economics Associate's Degree

Economics associate's degree programs teach you the skills to research and analyze economic trends and prepare you for a 4-year degree. Learn about on-campus and online degree programs, courses in this field, and advanced degrees.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Associate's Degree

Your career in management can begin with an associate's degree program in entrepreneurship and small business management. This article looks at the typical business and accounting courses found in a degree program, and how you can take your courses.

Executive Accounting Associate's Degree

While you might have difficulty finding an executive accounting associate's degree program, you could pursue a general accounting associate's degree education. Continue reading to find out about programs and see what courses can train you to be...

Executive Administrative Assistant Associate Degree

Explore the course topics you might study in an associate's degree program for aspiring administrative assistants. Find out what skills you'd gain. Get info on your job options after completing the degree, and check the employment outlook for...

Executive Assistant Associate Degree Programs

Explore the job duties of an executive assistant, and find out what you'd learn in an associate's degree program in this field. Check the prerequisites for admission to an executive assisting program. Review the job outlook and salary potential...

Fashion Marketing Associate's Degree

Check the typical curriculum for an associate's degree program in fashion marketing, and find out what you'd learn and what skills you'd gain. Get career info for the fashion marketing field, including job options, the employment outlook and the...

Fashion Merchandising Associate's Degree

An associate's degree in fashion merchandising could lead to a number of different careers in fashion advertising, marketing or sales. Keep reading to see a program description and information on common courses. See common career titles and...

Finance Associate's Degree Programs

In an associate's degree program in finance, you will learn the basics of what keeps our economy running smoothly. This program is for people with analytical minds who enjoy business and want to learn more about it, especially in the financial...

Financial Accounting Associate's Degree

An associates degree program in financial accounting will help you learn about dealing with finances on a professional level. Find out about the typical classes in auditing and marketing that go into an associate's program, and how you can earn...

Financial Services Associate's Degree

An associate's degree in financial services might be what you need to jump-start a career in banking. This article details the usual economics and accounting courses you can take as part of an associate's program, as well as what kinds of jobs in...

Forensic Accounting Associate Degree Programs

The field of forensic accounting is an emerging area of expertise that draws from the worlds of finance and law enforcement. In this article, you will find out what kinds of courses in criminology and auditing you will take as part of an...

General Business Associate Degree Programs

To start your path toward a career in business, you can explore an associate's degree in a general business area. This article demonstrates the typical classes you will take in economics and communication, along with admissions requirements and...

General Management Associate's Degree

If you are looking to start some kind of career in management, several options exist at the associate degree level. This article will show you some options in business and management, including the accounting and administrative classes you might...

Hospitality and Tourism Management Associate Degree

An associate's degree in hospitality and tourism management could be the start of a great career in the hotel and restaurant industry. This article shows you what you will study in food production and tourism, as well as some information on your...

Hospitality and Travel Associate Degree Programs

An associate's degree in hospitality and travel may be an appropriate career path to pursue if you're a people person who enjoys helping others plan trips. Classes will give you an overall understanding of the hospitality industry and there are a...

Hospitality Management Associate Degree

Learn about degree programs, including required courses and online options, in hospitality management. Find out about career possibilities in the field.

Hotel Management and Restaurant Management Associate's Degree

Find out about courses included in associate's degree programs in hotel and restaurant management, including the duties associated with these careers. Learn about entry-level career opportunities in the field and how degree programs help prepare...

HR Management Associate's Degree

Working in the human resources (HR) field requires you to train new hires and manage the relationship between management and employees. Learn about what positions you qualify for with an associate's degree in HR management, what you'll learn in a...

Human Resources Management Associate Degree

Find out what you'll study in an associate program in human resources management. Discover typical careers for graduates and the employment outlook in the field.

Human Services Associate's Degree

Learn about typical courses in an associate's degree program in human services. Find career options, employment outlook and median salaries for entry-level jobs.

International Business Associate Degree

An associate's degree program in international business may prepare you for an entry-level career in this field or allow you to continue your education at the bachelor's degree level. Find out more about international business associate degree...

International Trade and International Commerce Associate's Degree

An international trade and international commerce associate's degree will help you conduct business affairs on a global scale. Learn information about associate's degree programs, curriculum, online degree programs and career outlook.

Management Accounting Associate's Degree

Assist accountants or take the first step in the education needed to become one yourself through an associate's degree program in management accounting. Learn more about this program and related programs. See what classes are required, and get...

Management Associate's Degree

Learn about associate's degree programs in management. Get details about common admission requirements, classes and online learning. See what bachelor's degree programs you could apply to after graduation.

Marketing and Advertising Associate Degree

Learn what marketing and advertising associate degree programs are available and what classes may be included in the curricula. Find out what jobs or additional training you can pursue after graduation.

Marketing and Sales Associate Degree

Find out about what is included in marketing and sales associate degree programs and what topics will be covered. Learn about potential careers and what further education will be available to you.

Marketing Associate's Degree Programs

An associate's degree program in marketing gives you a foundation in marketing and related fields like advertising and communications. After graduation, you can look into career prospects that include positions in advertising agencies or public...

Marketing Management Associate's Degree

Learn more about associate's degree programs for marketing management. Find out about what the curriculum is like, admissions requirements and potential career paths.

Office Administration Associate's Degree

Find out about the admissions requirements for an office administration associate's degree program and what classes you may take. Learn about what jobs you can get after graduation and look at what higher education paths you can consider.

Office Applications Associate's Degree

Learn what is in included in an office applications associate's degree program and what classes you may take as part of the curriculum. Find out about online programs and what careers you can enter after graduation.

Office Management Associate's Degree

Find out what skills you'll learn in an associate's degree program in office management. Discover online program options and popular careers in the field.

Organizational Management Associate Degree

An organizational management associate's degree features foundational training in leadership and planning. Learn about the courses offered in these programs, including online options.

Retail Management Associate Degree Program

Associate degree programs in retail management can prepare you for a career as a small business owner, retail buyer or sales manager. Learn about what topics will be covered in a degree program, where you can work after graduation and what the...

Retail Merchandising Associate's Degree

A retail merchandising associate's degree prepares you for a career as a sales manager, advertising manager, marketing manager, purchasing manager, buyer or similar career. Learn about degree programs, career options, career outlook and what...

Sales and Marketing Associate's Degree

A sales and marketing associate's degree could lead to a career as a sales representative, retail sales associate, customer service representative, or a similar career. Courses will teach you about marketing, advertising and consumer behavior and...

Secretarial Science Associate's Degree

Earning an associate's degree in secretarial science can prepare you for a career as a secretary or administrative assistant. Learn about required courses and career options.

Small Business Management Associate Degree

Find out how you can train to be your own boss and motivate people to accomplish goals on tight deadlines as a student in an associate's degree program in small business management. See sample courses and what education you can consider to...

Sports Management Associate Degree Programs

A sports management associate degree program trains you in skills such as accounting and sports facility management. Read on to learn more about the available associate programs, common course topics and career prospects.

Supply Chain Management Associate Degree

Continue reading to find out how an associate's degree in supply chain management can develop your skills in management and teach you packaging, shipping and warehouse compliance. Learn about the courses required, whether its available online,...

Tax Specialist Associate's Degree

An associate's degree in accounting could prepare you for a career in tax preparation. If you are interested in becoming a tax specialist, you could use your associate's degree to transfer to a degree completion program at the bachelor's degree...

Travel and Hospitality Management Associate Degree

A travel and hospitality management associate's degree program gives you the knowledge you need to start your career in the tourism and hospitality industry. Read more to learn about these associate's degree programs, including what you'll study,...

Travel and Tourism Management Associate Degree

As a travel agent, you assist individuals in making travel arrangements. In an associate's degree program, you develop the computer and communication skills necessary to work in the field. Continue reading to see courses of study within the...

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