Automotive Technology FAQs

Agricultural Mechanic

Research what it takes to become an agricultural mechanic. Learn about job duties, career outlook, and possible salary to find out if this is the career for you.

Agricultural Mechanics Degree and Training Programs

Agricultural mechanics degree and training programs will teach you to operate and maintain farm machinery, including computers, electrical systems and hydraulics. Find out about degree and training programs, including common courses, and get...

Automotive Engineering Graduate Schools

With a graduate degree in automotive engineering, you might play a role in building the next state-of-the-art automobile. See what kind of background you need to apply, examples of degree programs you can pursue and common graduation...

Bachelor's Degree Programs for Aspiring Auto Mechanics

Get information on the type of program you can pursue to become certified to work in the automotive industry. Read on to learn more about training programs for aspiring auto mechanics, how you can learn this field online and potential salary.

Bachelor's in Automotive Technology Programs

Currently, there are a limited number of schools in the United States that offer bachelor's degree programs in automotive technology. Continue reading to learn more about degree requirements, course topics, certifications and salary potential.

Car Audio Installation Certification and Career Facts

As a car audio installer, you'd be part of a wider group of professionals known as auto installation technicians. These professionals install different types of electronic accessories into automobiles. Employment in this field typically requires...

Car Audio Technician: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for car audio technicians. Get the facts about salary, job duties, education requirements and job outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

How Can I Become a Diesel Mechanic?

A person can become a diesel mechanic through formal training or on-the-job training with large companies. There are different levels of diploma, certificate, and degree programs available for people pursuing this career. Read this article to...

How Do I Become an Auto Mechanic?

There are well over 700,000 auto mechanics in the United States, and this number is projected to grow strongly. Becoming an auto mechanic involves basic automotive education, work experience, certification and, eventually, training to renew your...

How Do I Earn My Diesel Mechanic License?

Diesel mechanics can benefit from a formal training program and professional certification, although licensure is not required. Read on to learn more about how to earn your diesel mechanic credentials.

Master Mechanic Degree, Certification and Training Programs

Learn about in-class and online training programs designed to prepare you to become a master mechanic. Find out about courses, experience requirements and professional certification.

Master Technician: Salary and Career Facts

Research what it takes to become a master technician. Learn about degree programs, certification, and potential salaries to find out if this is the career for you.

Online Auto Body Repair Schools and Training Programs

Find out about online auto body repair programs that teach how to make repairs, assess damages, estimate repair costs and more. Get information about how these programs work and topics covered.

Online Auto Mechanic Classes

Learn about auto mechanic classes offered online and through distance-learning programs. Read on to explore the various topics that are included and see how these courses work.

Online Auto Mechanic Degree and Certificate Programs

Auto mechanic studies explore the theoretical, business and technical elements of automobile repair. Learn about degree and certificate requirements, course topics and professional certification options.

Online Automotive Engineering Degree Programs

Online automotive engineering degree programs are available at the master's degree level. Learn about these programs, the admission requirements and how online programs are structured. Find out about coursework and career options.

Online Automotive Technology Schools

Learn about online certificate and diploma programs for aspiring automotive technicians, and get info on advanced online certification courses for professionals in this field. Find out what you'd learn as an online student in an automotive...

Online Harley Davidson Mechanic Schools

Find out about motorcycle mechanic education and training programs. Learn about specialized certificate options for Harley Davidson motorcycle repair.

Online Motorcycle Mechanic Certification

Motorcycle mechanic certifications are usually offered through individual manufacturers, and teach general repair skills plus specific training for work involving that manufacturer's parts and vehicles. Online certification programs are...

Online Small Engine Repair Schools

Discover tips for finding and selecting a school to study small engine repair. Find out what you'll learn in certificate, diploma and degree programs.

Online Vehicle Design Schools

Vehicle design typically falls under the category of automotive technology. This type of study is usually done at the undergraduate level, where students can earn a diploma, certificate or perhaps even a 2- or 4-year degree.

Schools with Agricultural Mechanics Programs

Agricultural mechanic programs teach skills in the operation, repair and maintenance of farm equipment. Learn about associate degrees and certificates, course topics, practical training and continuing education.

Top Mechanic Schools Offering Small Engine Repair Programs

Small engines power motorcycles, motorboats, and outdoor power equipment; just like larger engines, they break down and require skilled technicians to service and repair them. Training programs are offered by community college and technical...

Top Schools Offering Automobile Engineering Degree Programs

Automotive engineers can help shape the future of vehicular transportation with specialized graduate studies. Read on to learn about three top schools with programs in this field.

What are Average Salaries for Entry-Level Auto Mechanic Jobs?

Average salaries for entry-level auto mechanic jobs depend on your experience, location, industry and type of training. Additionally, many employers offer a minimum salary to auto mechanics who typically work on commission. Read on to learn more...

What Are Careers in the Automobile Service & Repair Industry?

Automobile service and repair is a growing industry employing many different professionals, from mechanics to collision repair technicians to service managers. Read on to learn about a few common careers in this field.

What are Popular Career Options in Automotive Engineering?

Automotive engineering touches every part of car design and manufacturing. Keep reading to look at three primary fields in automotive engineering: design engineering, development engineering and production engineering.

What Are Some Career Options for a Mechanic?

Technological complexities of modern machinery require mechanics to have specialized knowledge and skills for inspection, diagnosis, maintenance and repair. Mechanics are necessary in many fields. Read on to learn more about the career options...

What are Some High Paying Automotive Service Careers?

High-paying automotive service careers can involve management responsibilities or master certification as an automotive technician. Read on to learn about the salaries, responsibilities and requirements of such jobs.

What are Some Popular Career Options in Diesel Mechanics?

There are many options for a diesel mechanic besides working on transportation vehicles. A skilled diesel mechanic can find career opportunities in the railroads, marine craft and aviation industries. Pay and job openings are dependent on skill...

What are Some Popular Careers in Auto Mechanics?

Skilled auto mechanics can choose from a variety of careers. The industry has become more involved in modern technology, and auto mechanics are frequently called technicians due to the level of skill required for many jobs. Read this article to...

What are Some Popular Careers in Auto Technology?

Career opportunities in auto technology range from diesel mechanics to small engine repair. Read on to learn about some of the popular careers in auto technology.

What are Some Popular Careers in Engine Repair?

Engine repair involves performing routine maintenance, making repairs and solving problems related to a wide variety of motorized vehicles and equipment. Read on to learn about hands-on, mechanical career options in the field of engine repair.

What are Some Well-Known Diesel Mechanic Colleges in the U.S.?

Many U.S. colleges and universities have certificate and degree programs for the student pursuing a career as a diesel mechanic. Students should find a certificate program recognized by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence.

What Are the Courses in a Distance Learning Auto Body Repair Program?

Online auto body repair courses can be divided into four parts, covering topics like repair tools, basic auto diagnosis, repair practices and business finance. Explore what you'd study in distance-learning courses in this field.

What are the Highest-Paying Automotive Mechanic Jobs?

If you want to become an auto mechanic, your salary may vary depending on the field you work in or the training you've completed. Keep reading for more information on some of the highest paying mechanic jobs in the automotive field.

What are the Most Prestigious Auto Mechanic Schools in the U.S.?

Read here for more information on some well-regarded schools for auto mechanics in the U.S., including what education is available for you at each institution. Get details about what you need in order to enroll and what you'll learn as an auto...

What Automotive Engineering Degree Programs Are Available Online?

If you wish to pursue a degree in automotive engineering online, programs are typically available at the master's degree level. Bachelor's degree programs in the specialty are also available, but typically limited to campus-based options. The...

What Degrees or Certificate Programs Are Available in Small Engine Repair?

Steady growth in the use of small engines in products used for work and leisure activities has created a need for small engine repair mechanics. Read on to learn about degree and certificate options in this field.

What Does an Auto Mechanic Do?

Today's auto mechanic performs standard engine, transmission, drivetrain chassis, and drivetrain repair. Modern technology demands that auto mechanics be computer literate and have the skills to work on complex vehicles. Read this article to...

What Does an Auto Technician Do?

We've probably all dealt with auto technicians or auto mechanics before, but you may not know what you'd do all day after earning a certificate or an associate's degree in automotive technology. If so, feel free to buckle in and take a ride with...

What Does an Automotive Apprentice Do?

Automotive apprentices train for journeyman positions in the field. Get more information about the specific training that apprentices receive over the course of one of these programs.

What Does an Automotive Engine Repair Technician Do?

An automotive engine repair technician needs a good mechanical aptitude as well as diagnostic and problem-solving skills. Automotive engine repair technicians must be computer literate and be able to work on complex engine systems. Read this...

What Education Is Available to Start an Auto Body Repair Technician Career?

Auto body repair technicians have options ranging from diplomas in collision repair to certificates and associate's degrees in auto body repair. Read here to learn what education is available to help you start a career in this field.

What Education is Helpful to Become an Auto Body Repair Technician?

Auto body repair technicians have the knowledge and skills necessary to fix vehicle bodies and various parts that are often damaged in collisions. They can repair all types and sizes of vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, buses, campers,...

What is Heavy Diesel Mechanics?

Heavy diesel mechanics is the repair and maintenance of heavy diesel-powered equipment, such as trucks, buses and farm equipment, by mechanics and similar technicians. Heavy diesel mechanics work in many settings, including trucking,...

What is the Average Salary for Entry-Level Auto Tech Jobs?

Auto technicians work on diagnosing and repairing the mechanical problems in motor vehicles. Read on to find out more about the average salary you can expect as a beginning auto tech.

What is the Average Salary for Entry-Level Diesel Mechanic Jobs?

Diesel mechanics maintain and repair large trucks, buses, bulldozers, cranes and farming equipment. If you think this sounds like an interesting job description, read on to learn more about possible salaries, job duties and training requirements...

What is the Employment Outlook for a Career as an Auto Mechanic?

Employment for auto mechanics is expected to rise at an average pace over the 2012-2022 decade. New jobs are expected to emerge as vehicle ownership increases. Read on to find out the employment outlook and salary for this career.

What is the Job Outlook for an Automotive Technician Career?

The job outlook for an automotive technician is expected to be good over the next decade. Many skilled workers are expected to retire over the next decade and will need to be replaced by well-trained technicians. Read this article to learn more...

What is the Salary for Entry-Level Automotive Mechanic Jobs?

An automotive mechanic diagnoses and repairs various vehicles, including trucks, buses and cars. Read on to find out how your entry-level salary can depend on many factors, including the industry that you enter and the location where you work.

What is the Yearly Salary of an Automotive Engineer?

The automotive engineering field combines different types of engineering, including mechanical, electronic, electrical and safety engineering. Read on to find out how your salary can vary based on different factors, including your employer and...

What Schools Offer Automotive Technician Training?

You can become an auto mechanic by earning a certificate or an associate's degree in automotive technology from a school that's recognized by automotive technician groups and major car manufacturers. Read on to learn more.

What Skills Do I Need to Be a Mechanic?

Mechanics are responsible for inspecting, repairing and maintaining cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. In recent years, the systems and components of these vehicles have become more complex. Mechanics need the skills to work not...

What Topics are Covered in an Online Diesel Mechanics Class?

Diesel mechanics are responsible for the diagnosis and service of vehicles with diesel engines, including buses, trucks, bulldozers and cranes. Read on to learn about online training programs for aspiring diesel mechanics.

What Topics Do Auto Mechanic Courses Cover?

There are many different auto mechanic courses that you might undertake while pursuing a career in the field. Schools and universities offer certificates, degree programs and related courses for different career paths. This article explores what...

What Topics Does an Online Auto Technician Course Cover?

Online auto technician courses cover everything from transmissions, to brakes, to engine replacement. These courses can help you earn an automobile technician certification. Read on to find out what topics are covered in an online auto technician...

What Training is Necessary for a Career in Small Engine Repair?

You can either seek on-the-job training or pursue a postsecondary training program in small engine repair, offered through community colleges, technical schools and vocational institutions. Read on to find out the training options.

What Training Is Needed for a Career in Automotive Body Repair?

The automotive body repair industry needs repairmen with knowledge of new technologies and unibody construction. Formal training in repair of specific brands can help the person seeking a career in auto body repair to find a better job with...

What Type of Career Training is Available for an Auto Mechanic?

A person seeking a career as an auto mechanic can find accredited training programs and courses to help prepare them for the workforce. Learn more about available auto mechanic career training below.

What Types of College Degrees are Available in Diesel Mechanics?

Diesel mechanics keep large vehicles running smoothly and efficiently, such as trucks, buses, bulldozers, cranes, tractors and combines. They repair heavy equipment, including oil rigs, farming equipment and hydraulic systems. Many of these...

What Will I Learn in an Automotive Mechanics Course?

Automotive mechanics courses help prepare you for a career as an automotive technician. In an automotive mechanics course, you'll learn both hands-on technical skills and the basic theory underlying mechanics' duties. Read on to find out what...

What's the Curriculum of an Online Program in Small Engine Repair?

Online programs in small engine repair aren't prevalent because repair courses usually require hands-on technical training. Read on to discover what you can learn through online small engine repair programs that are available.

Where Can I Earn an Automotive Management Degree via Distance Learning?

Some schools offer an automotive management degree program online for the student with time constraints or transportation issues. Learn how an automotive management degree can be earned through distance learning.

Where Can I Find a School for Becoming a Toyota Mechanic?

Toyota dealerships need mechanics who have special training for work on Toyota vehicles. The Toyota Company has teamed up with colleges and dealerships across the country to implement the T-TEN program. T-TEN students train to become Toyota...

Where Can I Find an Automotive Technical School Online?

Automotive technical schools have their own certification body, and you can also get online suggestions from the U.S. Department of Education or ''Tomorrow's Technician'' magazine to find a school for your training. Keep reading to learn how to...

Where Can I Find Automotive Training Online?

Online automotive training courses are convenient for the student with time constraints and transportation problems. These courses offer instruction. Read this article to learn more.

Which Distance Learning Programs are Available in Auto Tech?

Because auto tech education is so frequently done in a shop, you might be unaware that distance learning programs are available for individuals hoping to enter this profession. This article will examine some of the online learning opportunities...

Which Online Schools Offer Programs in Automotive Technology?

Automotive technology covers the maintenance and assembling of engines, body parts, brake systems and transmissions in vehicles. Online automotive programs enable students to work in entry-level jobs in mechanic shops and garages. Job...

Which Online Universities Offer Mechanic Courses?

Because of the hands-on nature of the field, online mechanics programs aren't readily available, although a few do exist. Read on to compare the offerings of Hibbing Community College's on-campus program with Ashworth University's online program.

Which Schools Offer Training to Be a Harley-Davidson Mechanic?

If you have a passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and want to spend your time tinkering with these bikes, you can get the precision technical training you need from several technical schools around the country. Keep reading to see where you...

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