Bachelor's Degrees (Other)

Other Bachelor Degrees

This page includes degree summaries for a variety of bachelor's degrees that do not fall in one of the other categories. The programs range from culinary arts to religious systems management. These bachelor's degree program articles include information on career options, economic outlook. Required coursework and skills acquired though this degree.

Applied Ministry Studies Bachelor's Degree

Applied ministry studies programs teach the design and implementation of religious-based activities for adults and children. This article details common bachelor's degree requirements, courses of study and career options after graduation.

Applied Science (BAS) Bachelor's Degree

A Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is a 4-year degree for those seeking entry or advancement into more technical careers. In this article, you will find characteristics of BAS programs, including common admission requirements, areas of study and...

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree

A Bachelor of Science is one of the most common degrees awarded to graduates of 4-year programs, and it signifies your achievements in a scientific, technical or professional field. Keep reading to learn more about how this type of bachelor's...

Bachelor's Degree in English - Professional Writing

A bachelor's degree program in professional writing trains you to express yourself creatively and professionally using the written word. Learn about the types of courses offered, your online options and what kinds of fields professional writers...

Baking and Pastry Arts Bachelor's Degree

Learn about baking and pastry arts programs and your options for earning a bachelor's degree. Explore baking-related course topics, what kinds of hands-on experience and training are offered, information on industry certification and job prospects.

Christian Ministries Bachelor's Degree Programs

A Christian ministries degree program is designed for individuals who want to help others, and provides a career that will help sharpen their faith. You can earn a bachelor's degree in Christian ministries and can prepare yourself for a career in...

Culinary Arts Bachelor's Degree Program

Find out what to expect from a bachelor's degree program in the culinary arts. Read about what kinds of courses you can take, and find out how you can gain some real-life experience in a professional kitchen. Review what types of industry...

Culinary Management Bachelor's Degree Program

Whether you already have some culinary training and experience or you're new to the field, a culinary management bachelor's degree program prepares you for careers in restaurants, hotels and other hospitality establishments. Learn about what...

Culinary Nutrition Bachelor's Degree Program

Individuals working as culinary nutritionists provide healthy meals to people with special dietary concerns. A bachelor's degree program in culinary nutrition teaches you how to cook with an eye towards health and nutrition. Keep reading to learn...

Elementary Teacher Bachelor's Degree Program

With a bachelor's degree in elementary education, you can become a certified teacher and start your career. Degree programs give you the opportunity to spend time in a classroom, and you can take a broad range of classes that will prepare you to...

English Bachelor's Degree Program

English undergraduate programs explore authors and works of literature, along with creative and academic writing techniques. Learn about the types of bachelor's degrees available, course topics and online program options.

General Studies Bachelor's Degree

Earning a general studies bachelor's degree can qualify you for several careers in many fields. Learn about the curriculum and how you can earn this degree online.

Generalist Bachelor's Degree

Tgere are a variety of education programs that lead to a generalist bachelor's degree. See how this degree program can prepare you to work in a number of fields or get you ready for master's program enrollment. Explore the subjects you'll study...

Human Services Bachelor's Degree

Human services programs delve into the areas of societal behavior and crisis intervention methods. Learn about bachelor's degree requirements, areas of specialization, course topics and employment outlook for related jobs.

Human Services Management Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree in the interdisciplinary subject of human services management can give you a solid foundation in the theories and concepts necessary to operate effectively in a management or supervisory position in a number of career fields....

Humanities Bachelor's Degree

Read on to learn what humanities majors consist of and what kind of future you can have with a bachelor's degree in this field. See sample courses and how you can learn online.

Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor's Degree

You can major in interdisciplinary studies if you have broad academic and career interests. Learn how you can earn a bachelor's degree in a program that covers the topics of your choice. See examples of classes and postgraduate career options.

Journalism Bachelor's Degree Programs

With the right education, you can be someone who digs up newsworthy information and writes the stories. Journalism bachelor's degree programs can give you the tools you need to be a reporter, correspondent or editor for a TV station, newspaper,...

Literature and Culture Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in literature and culture explores reading and writing while taking a look at diverse societies. Discover what types of on-campus and online programs and classes are offered, as well as what your employment options are.

Pastoral Christian Studies Bachelor's Degree

Earning a bachelor's degree in pastoral Christian studies can help you combine your interests in religious studies and helping people. Career options range from working in a hospital setting to working in a community center, and other career...

Professional Writing Bachelor's Degree

Learn about the purposes and curricula of bachelor's degree programs in professional writing. Find out about potential careers, and get information on employment outlook and salaries for writers and editors.

Quality Control Bachelor's Degree Program

A quality control bachelor's degree program can train you to increase safety and reliability for manufactured products. Continue reading to find out what courses can develop your skills in quality planning, auditing and assurance analysis. Find...

Religious Systems Management Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in religious systems management or a related area could be your path to a rewarding career managing religious and similar organizations. In this article, you can find some common courses in a bachelor's program, along...

Social Sciences Bachelor's Degree

In a social sciences bachelor's degree program, you gain the theoretical knowledge and research skills to make an impact in many aspects of society. Keep reading to learn more about this kind of degree program and the career options it can lead to.

Sociology Bachelor's Degree Program

Sociology education programs explore the theories, cultural elements and behaviors of society. Degree programs may include internships or volunteer work, and you can be prepared to work in schools or social services organizations.

Youth Christian Studies Bachelor's Degree Program

Youth Christian studies programs teach techniques for planning and implementing religious activities for children. Learn about bachelor's degree coursework, online study options, employment opportunities and salary information for those focusing...

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