Bachelor's Degrees in Art and Design

Bachelor's Degree Information: Art & Design Degrees

If you are creative or have an artistic side, you may be considering a degree in art and design. This category contains program summaries for students interested in earning a bachelor's degree in art and design, such as photography, graphic design, fashion design or media arts. Each of the program descriptions include information on coursework, skills obtained, a professional outlook and salary information.

Animation Bachelor's Degree

With a bachelor's degree in animation, you can put your artistic talent and computer knowledge to use while taking classes in an array of digital art-related subjects. Explore the kinds of courses offered in this bachelor's degree program,...

Apparel and Fashion Design Bachelor's Degree

Learn how to choose a bachelor's degree program in apparel and fashion design. Discover information on program specifics and the career outlook, as well as what you can earn as a fashion designer.

Architecture Bachelor's Degree Programs

Contractors use architects' blueprints to build homes, highways, stadiums, schools, shopping centers and other buildings. An architecture bachelor's degree program lays the foundation for your career in building design. Keep reading for more...

Bachelor's Degree in Drafting Technology - AutoCAD

Degree programs in drafting technology include courses in AutoCAD. Get more information about 2-year degree programs in this field, including details about the coursework and online availability, and review the career outlook and salary potential...

Communication Design Bachelor's Degree

Explore some of the course topics you'd study in a bachelor's degree program in communication design. Review some positions you could pursue after earning your degree, such as graphic designer. Get employment outlook and salary info for this...

Computer Animation Bachelor's Degree

Computer animation is used for special effects and scenery in movies and to animate inanimate objects in order to sell products or other services in advertisements. Learn about what a bachelor's degree program in this field covers, along with...

Computer Graphics Bachelor's Degree Program

A computer graphics bachelor's degree program teaches individuals not only how to create images with a computer, but also how to develop a website or render 3-D objects. Continue reading to find out what courses can train you to edit and modify...

Digital Arts Bachelor's Degree

Digital arts bachelor programs teach the theories and hands-on skills needed to create computer-aided art. Learn about degree requirements, areas of concentration, course topics and career options after graduation.

Digital Design Bachelor's Degree

Explore what you'd learn and what courses you'd take in a bachelor's degree program related to digital design. Learn what jobs are available to you after earning a bachelor's degree, and get career outlook and salary info for digital design...

Digital Graphic Design Bachelor's Degree

Digital graphic design programs explore the techniques of creating digital images and animation. Learn about undergraduate degree requirements, courses of study, career options and salary info for graphic designers.

Digital Media Production Bachelor's Degree

The term 'digital media' refers to a number of areas within the media field: movies are filmed digitally these days, and radio stations broadcast in a digital format as well. Find out what you'd learn in a bachelor's degree program in digital...

Digital Movie Production Bachelor's Degree

Review the skills you'll acquire in a digital movie production bachelor's degree program. Explore info about software programs, industry technology, and course topics you will learn about in class. Find out what fields a movie production degree...

Digital Photography Bachelor's Degree

Find out how you can acquire career-ready expertise as a digital photographer through completing a bachelor's degree program. See sample courses, the different types of bachelor's degrees available and the career outlook.

Digital Recording Arts Technology Bachelor's Degree

Get detailed info about the classes you could take in a digital recording arts technology bachelor's degree program. Explore some jobs you could pursue after earning your digital recording arts technology degree, and check the job outlook for...

Digital Visual Media Bachelor's Degree

Explore the lecture-based and hands-on coursework you'd take in a bachelor's degree program in digital visual media, which is often referred to as digital media. These programs focus on computer-based creative output. Check out the careers you...

Fashion Design Bachelor's Degree

Read about bachelor's degree programs in fashion design, including curricula and internships. Learn where to find programs and jobs, as well as what you might earn as a professional fashion designer.

Film and Video Production Bachelor's Degree Program

Film and video production specialist often obtain a bachelor's degree. Learn about film and video production bachelor's degree programs including typcial coursework, common prerequisites and career education programs.

Fine Arts (BFA) Bachelor's Degree Program

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program improves your skills in creative fields, such as visual art, music, and theater. Learn about degree programs, admission requirements, and potential careers.

Game Art and Design Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in game art and design could provide you with the technical and artistic skills for a position within the gaming industry. Get information about courses and career outlook.

Graphic Arts Bachelor's Degree Programs

A bachelor's degree program in graphic arts will prepare you for a career as a graphic designer. Learn about online degree programs, courses in this field, and employment outlook.

Graphic Design Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in graphic design explores subjects such as design software, typography and illustration. Read on for other coursework, online learning options and employment projections.

Industrial Design Bachelor's Degree

Industrial design education programs explore the design, drafting and development of products. Learn about schools, bachelor degree requirements, course topics, employment outlook and salary range info.

Interactive Media Design Bachelor's Degree

Find out what you'll learn in a bachelor's degree program in interactive media design. Discover career possibilities with job growth and salary information.

Interior Design Bachelor's Degree

An interior design bachelor's degree program teaches you about design techniques and styles, preparing you for your professional career. Find out the details of an interior design bachelor's degree program, as well as whether you need to be...

Media Arts and Animation Bachelor's Degree

In a media arts and animation bachelor's degree program, you'll be exposed to the history of media arts, and you'll learn about modern technology. Find out about the courses you'll take, and learn about career options, employment outlook and...

Media Arts Bachelor's Degree Program

A bachelor's degree in media arts can lead to a career as a multimedia artist, animator or audio and video equipment technician. Online learning options are available, and you can go on to pursue a career in the multimedia field.

Media Production Bachelor's Degree

A degree in media production can prepare you for a career as a camera operator, video editor or video and audio equipment technician. Find out more about common courses and career options.

Multimedia and Animation Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in multimedia and animation provides an outlet for creativity by helping prepare you for a career in journalism, television, film, advertising or game development. Get the details on classes and distance learning options.

Multimedia Design Bachelor's Degree

Discover the courses you'll take in a bachelor's degree program in multimedia design. Find out career options, employment outlook and salary information.

Multimedia Production and Design Bachelor's Degree

Discover what you'll learn in a bachelor's degree program in multimedia production and design. Find out about courses, career options, and salaries in the field.

Photography Bachelor's Degree Programs

A photography bachelor's degree program can give you the artistic and business acumen necessary for a career as a photographer. Read on to find out about bachelor's-level education in photography and the job outlook for this field.

Professional Photographer Bachelor's Degree

Find out the job outlook and potential salary of photographers. Also learn about the curriculum of bachelor's degree programs for professional photographers.

Recording Arts Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in the recording arts can teach you how to edit and produce audio tracks or music for film and radio. Read on to learn more about degree options, learning outcomes, jobs and salaries.

Sound Arts Bachelor's Degree Programs

A bachelor's degree in sound arts will focus on the technical aspects of music production and recording techniques. Learn how it can prepare you for a career in film, music or theater, among other fields. For information about course topics, job...

Video Production Bachelor's Degree Program

For those interested in creating video content, a bachelor's program in video production will be the perfect fit for a career. This article looks at the courses in screenwriting and film theory that comprise a bachelor's degree program, and...

Visual Communications Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in visual communications can help you develop skills in drawing and image production. This article previews the kinds of courses in graphic design and studio production that you will encounter in a bachelor's program,...

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Bachelor's Degree

Completing a bachelor's degree in visual effects and motion graphics could lead to working on special effects for video games, movies and television. This article looks at some common courses in animation and compositing contained in a bachelor's...

Visual Journalism Bachelor's Degree

A visual journalism bachelor's degree program teaches students how to produce and analyze visual and written media to tell a story within a regional, national or global context. Learn about classes you can take and employment options.

Visual Merchandising Bachelor's Degree

If you enjoy presenting your sense of fashion to others in a public setting, you can look into a bachelor's degree program that focuses on visual merchandising. This article will show you the typical organization and retail analysis courses that...

Web Design and Multimedia Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree program in Web design and multimedia may be a great way to combine your interests in designing and developing websites with your talents in computers and technology. Keep reading for more information about 4-year degree...

Web Design Bachelor's Degree Program

Read on to see what you'll learn in a bachelor's degree program in web design. Get details about the curriculum, admissions requirements and the job duties you'll be prepared for. Also, see what possible careers you could pursue after graduation.

Yacht and Marine Design Bachelor's Degree

An engineering program with a specialization in naval architecture and marine engineering (NAME) can provide instruction in yacht and marine design and prepare you for a career designing, building or maintaining boats. This article looks at the...

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