Barber and Hair Stylist FAQs

Barbering Training Programs

Get an overview of the coursework in a barbering certificate or diploma program and the process for getting and maintaining state licensure in this profession. Read about the career outlook and salary potential for barbers.

Certified Barber: Certification and Career Facts

Continue reading to learn more about educational programs and regulations for prospective barbers. Find out what you could earn and explore the career prospects for this profession.

Hair Salon Jobs: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a hairdresser, barber, or cosmetology professional. Learn about education requirements, professional licensure, salary, and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

Hair Technician: Career and Salary Facts

Learn what training you'd need to become a hair technician. Explore where you could work, what kind of hair styling and cutting you could do, and how much you could earn as a hair technician.

Hairdresser Training Programs and Schools

Learn how enrolling in a cosmetology program can prepare you to become a hairdresser. Keep reading to see what kind of training you need to earn your license to work as a hairdresser.

How Can I Become a Hair Dresser?

To become a hair dresser, you'll need to go to school, get licensed, then find a spot in a salon or other setting. Hair dressers may be called stylists, hair designers, or (with special training and licensing) barbers. Hair dressers are...

How Can I Become a Professional Hair Instructor?

Professional hair instructors teach aspiring cosmetologist and hair stylists. Learn how to take on a teaching role in the hairstyling field, and review the licensure requirements and earning potential for this career.

How Can I Earn a Barber License?

If you finish a barber training program and pass the related licensing exams, you can begin a career as a barber. Read on to learn more about the requirements to enter this field.

How Can I Get a Hair Braiding License?

Licensing requirements vary by state for individuals who want careers as hair braiders or natural hair stylists. Read on to learn about hair braiding classes and requirements for a braiding license.

How Can I Get Training to Put in Hair Extensions?

Training to put in hair extensions is generally offered as part of a cosmetology program at a community college or cosmetology school. Read on to learn about the training requirements for hair extensions, as well as other aspects of hair styling.

How Do I Become a Hair Specialist?

Research what it takes to become a hair specialist. Learn about education requirements, job responsibilities, licensure and salary information to find out if this is the career for you.

How Do I Earn a Barber's License?

Earning a barber's license usually entails completion of high school or its equivalent, along with graduation from a state-approved barbering school. For more licensing information, keep reading.

How Long Does it Take to Graduate from Barber College?

Barber school helps prepare students for a career as a barber serving clients and their hair needs. It typically takes about a year to complete. Learn about other requirements for the job, like a barber license, and career details.

Online Barber School

Due to the hands-on nature of barbering, entry-level online training programs aren't available. However, licensed barbers and cosmetologists can pursue online continuing education (CE) courses. Learn more about on-campus diploma, degree and...

Online Hair Stylist School

Although hair styling is a hands-on field, you can find some online courses in the topic, as well as blended programs that combine online lectures with in-person salon experience. Read more about how these programs work, and get info on related...

What are the School Requirements to Become a Hair Stylist?

Hair stylists help others feel good about their appearance by giving them flattering haircuts, colors and styles. Because state licensure is necessary, certain school requirements must be met.

What Are the Top Schools for Hair Stylists or Barbers?

Learn about the types of education and training programs available for hair stylists and barbers. Find out about three top schools with hair styling and barbering programs.

What Classes Should I Take to be a Hair Stylist?

Discover common classes for aspiring hair stylists. Get an overview of the classroom and hands-on coursework required for diploma, certificate and associate degree programs.

What Does a Barber Do?

Barbers provide hair care services, usually for male clients. They also offer scalp treatments and hot shaving services. Barbers must be licensed to work in any state and have at least a high school diploma or vocational training from a...

What Does a Hair Stylist Do?

A hair stylist shampoos, cuts, colors, and styles hair. He or she may educate clients about hair and scalp care, remove unwanted hair, or dress a wig. Some hair stylists even do nails and skin care. Read on to learn more.

What is a Hair Representative?

Research what it takes to become a hair representative. Learn about education requirements, job duties, salary, and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

What is the Average Yearly Income of a Hair Stylist?

Explore the career requirements for hair stylists. Get the facts about salary ranges, job duties and employment growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Hairdresser?

You can gain the cutting and styling skills you need to become a hairdresser by enrolling in a hairstyling or cosmetology training program. Find out what you'd learn as a hairdressing student, and check the requirements for working in this field.

What's the Average Salary of a Barber?

Are you interested in becoming a barber, but want to gain some insight into how much you could earn in this field? Read on to take a look at salary information and also discover what is expected for the employment outlook.

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