Biotechnology FAQs

Animal Biotechnology Degree and Training Programs

As an animal biotechnology student, you can learn about the organic chemistry, biology and research knowledge that goes into agricultural and other animal-related products. Read on to learn about animal biotechnology training programs options,...

Bachelor's Degrees in Biomedical Engineering

Bachelor's degree programs in biomedical engineering teach students how to design new devices that could be used in the medical or pharmaceutical fields. Keep reading to find out about the fast-growing field of biomedical engineering and the...

Bachelor's Degrees in Biotechnology

As an undergraduate student in a biotechnology degree program, you can take courses in biology and chemistry and you can choose an area of concentration. Get info on your options after graduation, such as what jobs you'll be qualified for and...

Best Biotechnology Universities

Learn about the degree programs available in biotechnology at top schools. Get information about the rankings of these schools, the degree programs they offer and the kinds of facilities and research opportunities available.

Bioengineering Masters Degrees: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Read about master's degree programs in bioengineering, which are primarily offered in an on-campus format. Check the prerequisites for enrolling in this program and explore the typical curriculum. Get info on continuing your education at the...

Biological Tech Schools and Courses

A biological technician can work in many science-related fields. Find out about career options, and see what degrees and courses you'll need to become a biological tech.

Biological Technician Jobs and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for biological technicians. Get the facts about education requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

Biological Technology Degree Programs

Biological technology, or as it's more often referred to, biotechnology, is the study of biological organisms at a molecular level and their uses for humankind and the environment. This can include the development of advanced drugs and medical...

Biomathematics Master's Degree Programs

By studying biomathematics, you'll develop strong interdisciplinary skills that can help biological research in numerous ways. Learn more about what this degree program entails and career prospects for graduates.

Biomedical Engineering Master's Degrees: Online & Campus-Based Programs

A master's degree in biomedical engineering covers engineering principles and how technology can be applied to address a variety of medical issues. Get information about degree options and career paths.

Biomedical Engineering PhD Programs

A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree program in biomedical engineering prepares students for careers researching and developing new technologies for medical treatments and therapies. Get career info for biomedical engineers, explore coursework,...

Biomedical Technology Bachelor's Degrees: Online & Campus-Based Programs

Find out the topics taught in a biomedical technology program. Learn about courses offered and requirements needed to earn the bachelor's degree as well as salary and employment data.

Biotechnician: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a biotechnician. Learn about degree requirements, job responsibilities and salary information to find out if this is the career for you.

Biotechnology Courses and Degrees

Biotechnology degrees could lead to careers developing new plant strains or medical devices. Find out about other career options as well as common course topics and skills acquired.

Biotechnology Major: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in biotechnology, an interdisciplinary degree that combines biology and engineering and technology. Learn about the education requirements, job options and salaries to see if this is the right...

Biotechnology Management Training and Diploma Programs

Graduate-level certificate and master's degree programs in biology management prepare students with a background in science and engineering for careers overseeing drug development and production and related jobs. Read on to explore education...

Environmental Biology Degrees and Careers

Environmental biologists, who commonly work on preserving and recovering natural habitats, might specialize in naturally occurring primary ecosystems, such as forests, grasslands or wetlands, or in secondary ecosystems created by agriculture,...

Environmental Biotechnology Degree Programs

Learn about the degree program options in environmental biotechnology. Read on to find out more about undergraduate and graduate program structures and how they can prepare you for a career that works toward finding solutions to any number of...

Graduate Schools for Biomedical Engineering

Graduate schools offering degrees in biomedical engineering can help you establish or continue a career in a profession that uses engineering techniques to improve the quality of medicine. Learn what you need to apply to these programs, and...

How Do I Become a Biology Technician?

A job as a biology technician could allow you to conduct or observe pharmaceutical, genetic and agricultural research. Get information about degree and specialization options in this field, along with job duties. Find out how to advance your...

Marine Biotechnology Jobs and Degree Programs

Marine biotechnology programs study the organisms that live within our oceans. Find out about degree and career options along with common courses offered.

Master's in Biomedical Engineering: Career and Salary Facts

Get information on the careers you can pursue with a master's degree in biomedical engineering. Learn about typical job duties, see predictions for job growth and find out what salary you can expect.

Online Bioinformatics Degrees

If you're interested in using computational science to explore biological processes, you may want to pursue a degree in bioinformatics. Complete master's degree programs in bioinformatics are available online, but undergraduate and doctoral level...

Online Biomedical Engineering Degree Programs

Earning an online degree in biomedical engineering can give you the biological knowledge and mechanical experience to work in the field. Get information about online programs, career opportunities, and required classes.

Online Biomedical Equipment Technician Schools and Training

Online training in biomedical engineering technology could help prepare you for work as a certified technician. Get information about program requirements and voluntary certification.

Online Biomedical Technician Courses and Schools

A career as a biomedical technician combines healthcare and electronics - read on to learn about program options that prepare you for this job. See what kind of courses you'll take and what kind of employment settings are possible. Get the career...

Online Biomedical Technician Degrees and Training Programs

Biomedical technicians maintain, repair and install many of the equipment components commonly used in clinics, hospitals and doctor's offices. Read on to learn about undergraduate degree programs for this field, as well as for related career...

Online Biostatistics Courses

Read about online certificate and degree programs that include courses in biostatistics, and explore some of the topics you would study. Check the technical requirements for taking an online biostatistics course.

Online Biotechnology Degree and Certificate Programs

Typically offered in online master's degree and graduate certificate programs, biotechnology coursework explores the molecular and biochemical aspects of life sciences to prepare you for a biotech career. Learn what you'll study in online...

Online Biotechnology Master's Degree Programs

Find out what you'll learn in an online master's degree program in biotechnology. Discover prerequisites, courses and career options in biotechnology.

Online Biotechnology Schools and Courses

Explore your options for learning about biotechnology online. Get details about courses, certificate programs and degree programs. Find out what you'll study and how to pick the right school. See what your career choices are, too.

Online Courses and Degrees for Biomedical Equipment Technicians

A biomedical equipment technician installs and repairs devices used in the care of patients, such as heart monitors, defibrillators and X-ray machines. Get information about training requirements and certifications.

What are Some Popular Biotech Careers?

There are many options available for a person pursuing a career in biotechnology. Popular biotech careers are in the fields of production, medical research and development and agricultural research and development.

What are Some Well-Known Biotech Schools in the U.S.?

Many well-known biotech schools across the nation provide students with degree and certificate programs in biotechnology. Some schools even offer courses in degree and certificate programs online.

What are the Core Courses of a Biotechnology Major?

Biotechnology is the process of manufacturing a number of products, from pharmaceuticals and waste management processes to alcoholic beverages. Biotechnology can be taken as an undergraduate program, and core courses give students the science...

What Degrees Are Available in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics?

While it is not possible to earn a degree in both biotechnology and bioinformatics, there are individual degree options in both subjects. Find out more about the educational opportunities in each of these fields.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology encompasses the study of living organisms in a large variety of fields. Biotech scientists concentrate on practical applications of biology, including genetics and biomedicine.

What is Marine Biotechnology?

Marine biotechnology studies the marine resources of the world. It covers many sub-fields and there are many opportunities for those pursuing a career in marine biotechnology. This article discusses marine biotechnology and the many disciplines...

What is Plant Biotechnology?

Plant biotechnology can involve finding solutions for alternative energy and food shortage problems. Continue reading to learn about the field of plant biotechnology, the available degree programs and the career options available in the field.

What is the Average Salary of a Bioengineer?

Bioengineers help design medical devices. Keep reading to learn more about a career in bioengineering, along with the average salary and job outlook for this occupation.

What is the Employment Outlook for Biotech Careers?

The employment outlook for biotech careers will see average growth over the next decade. Most employment is driven by research funds. Read on to learn more about the future of employment in the biotech field.

What is the Typical Curriculum for a Biochemistry Degree Program?

The typical curriculum for an undergraduate biochemistry degree includes both chemistry and biology courses, along with general education requirements. Lab classes figure prominently in a biochemistry curriculum.

Where Can I Find Free Online Biostatistics Courses?

Johns Hopkins University is among the schools offering free online biostatistics courses. Classes typically require that students have moderate-level mathematical aptitude. Keep reading to learn about select courses, including what they cover and...

Where Can I Find Free Online Biotechnology Courses?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers several free, online biotechnology courses. Classes cover a range of topics, such as biomedical engineering, programmed cell death and biotechnology applications. Keep reading to find out what else...

Which Colleges Offer an Online Biochemistry Degree Program?

If you're looking to earn an online biochemistry degree, you may find that your options are limited to graduate programs. Keep reading to find out which schools' biology and chemistry departments offer these distance education master's degrees.

Which Schools Offer Online Biotechnology Degrees?

Although rare, online degrees in biotechnology are offered by select universities. Johns Hopkins University offers a fully online degree program, and Harvard University offers a hybrid degree program requiring some campus visits. These online and...

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