Carpentry FAQs

How Do I Become an Apprentice Carpenter?

Research what it takes to become an apprentice carpenter. Learn about the types of training available, who offers apprenticeships and the level of competition for apprenticeship positions to find out if this is the career for you.

Master Carpenter: Education and Career Facts

Learn about available training programs in carpentry and the topics taught in them. Get information about career outlook and salary data for carpenters.

Master Plumber: Salary and Career Facts

As a master plumber, you will be qualified to install and repair all aspects of plumbing systems. You may also manage a team of plumbers and train individuals new to the trade. Explore the training and licensure process to becoming a master...

Online Cabinet Making Courses

While most cabinet makers receive hands-on training on the job and through community colleges and technical schools, you might be able to learn the necessary skills through online cabinet making courses. Keep reading to learn more about online...

Online Carpentry Classes and Certificates

Consider online training in carpentry to acquire the skills you need to work in a growing industry. Keep reading to learn more about what you'll study and what equipment you'll need.

Online Furniture Making Courses

You can take online furniture making courses as an introduction to the skills or for your own personal enrichment. Learn about the various options available to you as you delve into the field of furniture making.

Online Schools with Woodworking Degrees

Online woodworking programs are rare due to the hands-on nature of the field; however, online programs are available in related fields, such as carpentry. Learn about degree and training options in woodworking, and find out about related program...

What are Some Popular Carpentry Professions?

Carpenters use hand and power tools to build structures and craft consumer goods from wood and other common materials. Most carpenters are employed in the construction industry, but they also can find jobs in government, manufacturing and retail...

What Are the Educational Requirements for a Cabinet Maker Career?

Cabinet makers use power and hand tools to craft consumer goods from timber. While there are no formal educational requirements for a career as a cabinet maker, it generally takes at least two years of on-the-job training to acquire the necessary...

What Are the Training Requirements for a Carpenter Job?

Carpenters create structures and fixtures from wood and other materials. Training requirements for jobs can vary, and they usually consist of on-the-job experience, formal training through a vocational school or an apprenticeship. Read on to...

What Courses Are Offered at Cabinet-Making Schools?

Cabinetmakers are precision woodworkers who build cabinets for residential or commercial settings. You can learn the trade on the job or by completing a college or trade school program. Once you enroll in a cabinet-making school, you'll study...

What Does a Carpenter Do?

Carpenters are involved with many different types of construction, from home improvement to cabinet making, and framing to large construction projects. If you'd like to know what a carpenter does, continue reading.

What is the Curriculum of Basic Carpentry Courses?

Carpenters are skilled craftsmen who build structures and products from wood and other materials. If you want to pursue a formal carpentry education, basic courses will teach you about the manual and power tools, building materials and safety...

What Skills Will I Learn in a Carpentry Course?

Carpenters are skilled craftspersons who create structures and consumer goods from common materials, like wood and concrete. Enrolling in carpentry courses at a trade school or community college is one way to gain the knowledge and techniques...

Where Can I Find Free Online Carpentry Courses?

Free online carpentry courses and tutorials can be found at the websites listed below. Interested students can develop new skills or build upon previous abilities on their own time.

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