Chemical Engineering FAQs

Chemical Engineering Majors

Use chemicals to develop new products for industry as part of a degree program in chemical engineering. Learn about on-campus and online program options, what you'll study and career prospects in the field.

Chemical Engineering PhD: Online and Campus-Based Programs

A Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering program can prepare you for a research career in the manufacturing, biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries. Read on to learn more about these graduate programs, including prerequisites and common classes. See...

Online Chemical Engineering Bachelor's Degree Programs

With an online bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, you could have a career designing new chemical products, industrial processes or medical devices in industries such as healthcare, food service or technology. Read on to explore your...

Online Chemical Engineering Degrees

Learn about distance learning options in chemical engineering. Find out about the classes offered in this field of study, and get information about admission requirements.

What Are Popular Career Options in Chemical Engineering?

The most popular career options in chemical engineering are in the chemicals and materials, food, consumer products, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. Read on to learn about some of these career options.

What Are the Classes One Will Take as a Chemical Engineering Major?

Find out about the courses that are required for a degree in chemical engineering. Take an in-depth look at some of these courses and see what degree levels are available for students interested in the chemical engineering field.

What are the Job Duties of a Chemical Engineer?

The job duties of a chemical engineer vary widely depending on the industry in which they work. Most chemical engineers work for employers in the chemical industry or for companies producing hydrocarbon-based fuels, food and consumer products,...

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical engineering examines methods to develop, manufacture, and utilize chemical and biochemical products. Chemical engineers research chemical combinations with the goal of finding new uses and products for chemical raw materials.

What Is the Curriculum of a Distance Ed Chemical Engineering Graduate Degree?

The core courses for a distance education graduate degree in chemical engineering are the same as core requirements for on-campus degrees. They cover, among other things, mathematical methods in chemical engineering, thermodynamics, transport...

What is the Education Required to Become a Chemical Engineer?

Becoming a chemical engineer requires an education in chemical engineering at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Chemical engineers typically hold either a bachelor's degree, master's degree, and/or Ph.D. in chemical engineering.

What is the Employment Outlook for Chemical Engineers?

Explore the career requirements for chemical engineers. Get the facts about job duties, career outlook, salary potential and education requirements to determine if this is the right career for you.

Which Schools Offer an Online BS Degree in Chemical Engineering?

Fully online BS (Bachelor of Science) degree programs in chemical engineering are not generally available due to the hands-on training requirements of these programs. There are a few U.S. schools that offer partially online or hybrid programs,...

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