Conflict Resolution FAQs

Conflict Management Degree Programs

A conflict management degree program can help you develop the skills to find problem resolutions for families or organizations. See what type of degree programs are available, and learn about the courses you must take to enter this profession.

Conflict Management: Career and Salary Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in conflict management. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary, and potential job growth information.

Conflict Resolution Degree Programs and Training Courses

With training in conflict resolution, you could work as a mediator in the court system, the political field or the business world. Read on to learn what key skills are expected of a mediator, common courses to expect, salary expectations for this...

Master's Degrees in Arbitration

Would you like to help resolve conflicts, but you'd rather not work within the court system? Or are you a practicing attorney interested in broadening your knowledge of international laws and negotiations? If so, a master's degree in arbitration...

MBA in Conflict Resolution

Business leaders spend considerable time resolving employee conflicts, customer disputes and organizational discord. Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, with an emphasis in conflict resolution, can prepare you to become an expert...

Mediation Certificate Programs and Training Courses

Learn about the types of mediation certificate programs available and what topics you'd study in them, such as conflict resolution. Review your job options in the mediation field, and check the corresponding salaries for each position.

Online Conflict Resolution Certificate Programs

Find out what it's like to study conflict resolution through an online certificate program, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level. Check the prerequisites for admission, and explore the curriculum.

Online Master's Degrees in Mediation

Mediators are responsible for helping people get to the root of a problem and come to an agreement. Find out how online programs in this field of study work, and check the requirements for admission. Explore the common coursework in a master's...

What are Some Interesting Careers in Conflict Resolution?

Conflict resolution involves examining both sides of arguments and developing logical solutions. Lawyers, diplomats, international peacemakers, mediators, conciliators and arbitrators all use conflict resolution techniques in their jobs. Read on...

What are the Core Courses of a Conflict Resolution Degree Program?

The core courses of a conflict resolution degree program will vary depending on the program's base discipline. Read on to learn about the types of concentrations and core courses offered to conflict resolution students.

What is the Curriculum of a Conflict Resolution Online Graduate Certificate Program?

Online conflict resolution graduate certificate programs usually require about five courses. Sometimes, there is a set list of courses, though some programs allow students to choose a couple of electives. Read on for information about how...

Which Schools Offer Conflict Resolution Degree Programs Online?

A conflict resolution degree prepares the student to analyze and defuse issues that cause conflict among individuals. While courses can be found in conventional campus programs, several options exist for pursuing online studies in this field....

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