Course FAQs

How Does Taking College Courses Over the Internet Work?

Taking college courses online via the Internet is an increasingly popular way to learn something new, get a degree, save some tuition and avoid commuting and inconvenient schedules. How it works depends on the specific college program. There are...

How Many Courses Do Most College Students Take in a Semester?

Ask a number of college students how many courses they take during a semester, and you'll probably get a wide variety of answers. As a college student, you could take anywhere from one to six courses each semester, depending on your goals and...

What are Common Postgraduate Courses?

In the U.S., postgraduate study frequently refers to master's and doctoral programs. Since postgraduate study is highly specialized to its respective disciplines, the most common courses are included in the most common degree programs. Read on...

What are Correspondence Courses?

Many colleges and universities offer correspondence courses, which give students the chance to learn new skills or earn credits without physically attending the school. Read on for more information about correspondence courses.

What are Degree Completion Courses?

Degree completion courses give a person who began a degree, then left school for a time, the opportunity to complete their unfinished degree. These courses are offered at several schools and universities, and they are often available through...

What are E-Learning Courses?

E-learning courses are classes that are taught via the internet. E-learning uses technologies such as video and voice conferencing, virtual classrooms and bulletin boards. Read on to learn about types of e-learning available.

What Are Popular Adult Education and Continuing Education Courses?

Learn about adult education and continuing education, and find out what you could study in these types of courses. Get details about some of the most popular and widely available course options.

What is a College Course?

A college course is a class offered by a college or university. These courses are usually part of a program leading to an undergraduate or graduate degree or a certificate. Read on for more specifics about college courses.

What is a Course Curriculum?

A course curriculum is the series of courses that students take in an academic program. Curricula are designed by faculty and often revised following student input. Learn more about how curricula are developed, and get info about course types and...

What is the Core Curriculum for a College Program?

Colleges usually have a core curriculum that must be completed by students in order to graduate. The typical core curriculum includes a broad base of introductory and foundational courses. Students who don't have a set major when they enter...

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