Criminal Justice FAQs

Arbitration Certification and Training Requirements

An arbitrator helps settle disputes as a neutral third party. Continue reading to find out about the arbitration process, if certification is necessary and how it is earned, and which degrees will help you pursue this career in conflict resolution.

Bachelor of Science in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies

If you're interested in learning about the strategies needed to fight terrorism, you may want to earn a bachelor's degree in fields related to terrorism and counterterrorism studies. Learn about degree programs, online options, common courses and...

Criminal Justice Certificate Programs and Classes

You will have many career options with a certificate in criminal justice, including work in law enforcement, homeland security or the corrections system. Find out about undergraduate and graduate certificate programs, and learn about the courses...

Criminal Justice Majors: Career and Salary Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in criminal justice. Read on to learn more about career options along with course topics, real-world training, job duties and potential earnings.

Criminology Classes

Classes in criminology can teach you what makes criminals tick and how societies handle crime. Read on to find out what kinds of education programs offer classes in criminology and the topics you might study.

Emergency Management Doctoral Degree Programs

Review the admission requirements for enrolling in a Ph.D. program in emergency management. Learn about the typical coursework in these doctoral programs, and check the availability of online learning options in the emergency management field....

How Can I Become a Criminologist?

Research what it takes to become a criminologist. Learn about educational requirements, job duties, job outlook and salary info to find out if this is the career for you.

How Do I Earn a Criminal Justice Certificate?

A criminal justice certificate can qualify you for careers in law enforcement, juvenile justice administration and the judicial system. Read on to learn about some of the requirements for earning such a certificate.

Justice Studies Majors

Graduates of justice studies programs work in different levels of the American justice system. Learn more about the courses that cover various aspects of the justice system including criminal law, as well possibilities for online options are...

Master's Degrees in Homeland Security

Master's degree programs in homeland security prepare students to act as leaders in the prevention, response and defense against terrorist attacks and other critical incidents. Learn about these graduate programs' coursework, specialization...

Master's Degrees in Police Science

Learn about available degree programs in police science and online degree options. Find out what topics you'll study and how a degree in police science can prepare you for a career.

Master's in Criminal Justice: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a master's degree in criminal justice. Read on to learn more about career options along with job outlook and salary information.

Master's Programs in Emergency Management

When a major emergency occurs, such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack, citizens rely on experts who know how to respond, such as those people trained in emergency management. Learn about master's degree programs, online programs,...

National Safety and Security Master's Degree Programs

Master's degree programs in national safety and security prepare people to respond to natural and man-made disasters. Learn about what's included in a master's degree program, what courses you'll take, what you can do after graduation and what to...

Online Associate Degrees in National Safety

Degree programs in the broad category of national safety include fields such as homeland security and emergency management. You can find online degree programs in these fields at the associate level. Discover how these online programs work, and...

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in Criminal Justice

Learn about online bachelor's degree programs in criminal justice, and discover the various course topics associated with these programs. Explore potential careers and their salaries.

Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Learn about certificate, bachelor's and master's degree programs in criminal justice, all of which can be found online. Find out how online degree programs work. Check the prerequisites for enrolling in a criminal justice program, and explore...

Online Criminal Justice Schools

Explore your options for earning a criminal justice degree or certificate through an online or blended program. Find out how these programs work. Read about some course topics you could study at each program level as a criminal justice student.

Online Emergency Management Degree Programs

Emergency management programs are available at multiple degree levels. Find out about common coursework, online program availability and career options for graduates.

Online Homeland Security Degree Programs

Get tips on selecting an online homeland security degree program and find out about the topics covered in these classes. Learn about career options available to someone with homeland security training.

Online Master's Degree in Disaster and Emergency Management

Review the typical coursework for an online master's degree program related to disaster and emergency management. Find out how these online programs work and read about on-campus practical components you'll likely need to complete as well. Review...

Online PhD Programs in National Safety and Security

Online doctoral programs concerned with national safety and security are available in emergency management and homeland security. Check the admission requirements for doctoral programs in these fields, and explore the curricula. Get info on...

Online Police Science Degree Programs

Online police science degree programs can prepare students for careers in law enforcement. Learn about these programs and their prerequisites. Explore common courses and find out how online programs are conducted. Consider potential careers...

Online Terrorism and National Security Management Certificates

Read about online certificates in terrorism and national security management. Learn about program options in this field, the classes required and how online classes are taken.

PhD in Criminal Justice: Online and Campus-Based Programs

A Ph.D. program in criminal justice can help you reach the upper tiers of law enforcement and forensics work or prepare you for a teaching career. Explore the typical curriculum for a doctoral program in criminal justice. Learn about online...

PhD in Homeland Security: Online and Campus-Based Programs

With a Ph.D. in homeland security, you can serve your country, conduct advanced research and offer in-depth homeland security perspectives. Learn what types of programs are available, what coursework is included, how to enroll and what careers...

Top Graduate Schools for Criminal Justice

Learn about top schools that offer master's and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree programs in criminal justice. Find out what you should look for in a top school based on rankings, curriculum, research facilities and networking opportunities...

What are Online Criminal Justice Leadership Degrees?

Online criminal justice leadership degrees usually build on prior criminal justice knowledge, and they prepare graduates for management careers in the field. The following article provides in-depth information about online criminal justice degrees.

What are Some Career Options for a Criminologist?

A criminologist is generally not a law enforcement official, but a sociologist who studies the many factors and causes of criminal behavior. In understanding these factors, criminologists can go a long way toward figuring out how to stop the root...

What are Some Emerging Careers in Criminal Justice?

The criminal justice field has seen the development of several new careers, largely due to the increase in the use of computers and the growing threat of terrorism. Read on for information about some emerging careers in this field.

What are the Best Undergraduate Criminology Degree Programs?

Read about three schools with bachelor's-level programs in criminology, based on national rankings of their graduate criminology departments. Explore the criminology program offerings at each of these schools.

What are the Career Options in Criminal Justice Administration?

If you are physically fit, willing to carry a firearm and want to ensure that criminals are punished, you might be interested in building a career in criminal justice administration.

What are the Core Courses of a Criminal Justice Master's Degree?

For those looking to study criminal justice at the graduate level, there are many master's degree program options at schools around the country. Keep reading to take a closer look at what the coursework of these programs entail.

What Are the Courses in a Master's Degree in Justice Administration?

A master's degree in justice administration can prepare you for an advanced career in the criminal justice system. Core courses in this program include court systems, issues in terrorism and criminal law. Read the following article to learn more...

What Are the Courses in an Online Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree Program?

Receiving bachelor's degrees in criminal justice qualifies individuals for jobs in law enforcement, homeland security and the court systems. The article that follows describes some of the core courses of an online criminal justice bachelor's...

What Are the Requirements to Become an Insurance Fraud Investigator?

Although becoming an insurance fraud investigator commonly requires a background in law enforcement, you can choose from several educational paths in your quest to become an insurance fraud investigator. Keep reading to learn more about academic...

What Can I Do After Completing a Criminology Degree Program?

Obtaining a degree in criminology prepares graduates for jobs in a number of fields, including policing and justice administration. Read on to learn about career options available to people who complete a criminology degree program and to get...

What Can I Do with a Doctorate Degree in Criminology?

Doctoral degree programs in criminology usually focus on research and theories in the field and instruct students to apply current ideas towards research of their own. This article explains some of the most common careers of people who have...

What Can I Do with an Online Criminal Justice Administration Degree?

Earning an online degree in criminal justice helps prepare graduates for careers in the fields of law enforcement and court administration. This article describes a few of these career options for people with this credential.

What is a Forensic Criminology Degree?

Degree programs focused specifically in forensic criminology are rare, but many schools award certificates to students who take courses in the subject. Broader degree programs in criminal justice or criminology with forensic concentrations offer...

What is Criminal Justice Administration?

Criminal justice administration is a common degree program subject that addresses various topics in the criminal justice system. Here we define the field, as well as discuss the degree programs in criminal justice administration.

What is Criminology? - Definition & Areas of Study

Criminology is the study of the effect of crime on individuals and society. This article will define criminology, as well as the education and career options for the field.

What is Required to Earn a Certificate in Fraud Investigation?

A career in commercial, corporate, insurance, computer or financial fraud investigation involves using analytic techniques to determine the causes of specific fraud cases. A certificate program in fraud investigation can prepare students to use...

What Topics are Covered in College Criminal Justice Classes?

College-level courses in criminal justice instruct students in a variety of materials related to law enforcement, criminology and the court system. This article discusses topics covered in many of these classes.

What Topics are Covered in Online Criminology Courses?

Online criminology courses, much like their on-campus versions, cover topics that range from research methods to theories used in criminology. Keep reading to learn about what you can study during an online criminology course and what types of...

What Training is Needed for a Criminal Investigations Career?

The broad field of criminal investigations includes many different careers. As such, the training needed for a career in criminal investigations varies depending on the particular job, but many commonalities exist among the various professions....

What's the Salary for Someone with a Criminal Justice Degree?

A degree in criminal justice prepares graduates for a number of jobs in fields like law enforcement, the court system, and private security. Some possible jobs include police patrol officer, probation officer and paralegal. Read on to find out...

Where Can I Find Free Online Criminal Justice Courses?

You can find free online criminal justice courses through UC-Irvine and MIT, among other accredited postsecondary schools. Classes cover such topics as white collar and hate crimes. Keep reading to learn about three courses offered through these...

Which Colleges Offer Criminal Justice Doctoral Degree Programs?

Several graduate schools in the U.S. now offer doctorates in criminal justice and criminology. Whether you want to teach, advance your professional skills or take part in research that may affect the criminal justice system, there's a program...

Which Online Schools Offer Criminology Degrees?

Those interested in beginning or advancing a career in law enforcement or criminal investigations may choose to pursue a degree in criminology, which a number of schools offer online. Read on to find out which online schools offer criminology...

Which Schools Offer a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration?

Someone with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Criminal Justice Administration can work in fields like law enforcement or court administration. Such a degree might be necessary for mid-level management positions in the field. The following article...

Which Schools Offer Criminal Justice Associate's Degree Programs?

Those who wish to pursue a career in Criminal Justice must typically hold at least a 2-year degree before entering this field. While 4-year degree programs are more widely offered at many colleges, a number of individuals opt for an associate's...

Which Universities Offer Degrees in Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice addresses the reasons, trends and solutions associated with many facets of crime, security and corrections issues. Read on to learn about several schools that offer degree programs in this field.

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