Digital Design FAQs

3D Artist Education and Job Facts

Learn about education and job options for 3-D artists. Find information on specializations, program accreditation and school application requirements.

3D Design Classes and Training

Find information on 3-D classes and training, with a focus on computer and digital design. Learn about degree options, course topics and software instruction, as well as jobs and salaries.

Computer Arts Majors

Find out what you can expect as a computer arts major. Read about concentrations, courses and distance learning options, as well as what types of careers you can pursue. Explore the salary potential for jobs in computer arts.

Game Art and Design: Career and Salary Facts

Research what it takes to become a game artist and designer. Learn about the job duties, education requirements, salary, and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Become a Digital Imaging Technician?

Research what it takes to become a digital imaging technician. Learn about the skills, job duties, average salary and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

How Can I Learn Digital Media Design?

Digital media designers and multimedia artists use drawing, photography and videography coupled with software tools to create computer graphics for a variety of industries. To learn more about how to become a digital media designer, keep reading.

Image Design School and Training Programs

Image design consists of using visual communication to create and edit images for publications, advertisements and packaging. You could study graphic design or a related field to gain fundamental training. Continue reading to learn more about...

MBA in Digital Design

Although MBA programs are not available specifically in digital design, there are plenty of master's degree programs in related fields that will equip you with digital design basics. Read on to learn what program options are available,...

Multimedia Design Degree Programs and Schools

Computers have impacted many industries, including those related to entertainment. If you're computer savvy and have artistic interests or abilities, multimedia design training can prepare you for a career in a wide variety of fields, including...

Online Digital Design Degree Programs

Digital artists and multimedia designers work in a variety of fields using technology to design and manipulate images, videos, or computer interfaces. Online degree programs for digital designers or multimedia artists are readily available,...

PhD in Digital Arts

Have your questions about Ph.D. in Digital Arts programs answered here, including those related to program availability, required skills, course topics and career options.

What is a Digital Designer?

A digital designer is a professional who applies his or her technical and creative skills to a wide array of careers. If you are technically apt and visually inventive, a career as a digital designer may be an excellent choice. Get the full...

What is Digital Logic Design?

Digital logic design is a system in electrical and computer engineering that uses simple number values to produce input and output operations. As a digital design engineer, you may assist in developing cell phones, computers, and related personal...

What is Digital Media?

Digital media includes any format or device used to convey content using digital signals. Simply put, when you talk on your cell phone, read this Internet article, or watch a television show, you are using digital media.

Where Can I Find a Course on Digital Filter Design?

Several avenues exist for those seeking to learn, enhance or freshen up on their digital filter design skills. Read on to learn about schools that offer undergraduate, graduate, certificate and continuing education programs in this area.

Where Can I Find Online Courses in Digital Art and Photography?

As the digital world expands, so too does the need for people adept at using digital imaging software. Taking online courses in digital art and photography can help you build a portfolio and land that perfect job. Read on to get more details...

Which Courses are Required for a Degree in Digital Design?

Taking courses towards a digital design degree can help students prepare for a successful career in any number of industries. Digital designers may work as art directors, web designers, video artists or Flash artists.

Which Schools Offer an Online Degree in Digital Design?

For those interested in obtaining a digital design degree online, there are a variety of bachelor's and master's programs available. Some degree programs offer a generalized degree in digital design while others might have degree options that...

Which Schools Offer Free Digital Art Courses Online?

Whether you'd like to prepare for a credit-bearing digital art program, hone your graphic design skills or just examine digital art topics for your own enrichment, free online digital art instruction is available through some schools'...

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