Doctoral Degrees in Business

Doctoral Degree Information: Business Degrees

This category contains program summaries for various doctoral degrees in business. All of the programs require an undergraduate degree in a related field and some may also require professional experience. Prospective business students may lean about doctoral programs in international business, applied management, public policy or organizational leadership. Within each of these articles you will find program information in detail, including career possibilities, examples of coursework, job outlook and the skills acquired.

Applied Management and Decision Sciences Doctoral Degree

If you are an experienced business professional with a passion for research who seeks career advancement, continue reading to learn more about doctoral degree programs in applied management and decision sciences.

Business Administration Doctoral Degree Program

Earning a doctoral degree is the highest achievement you can reach when studying business. This article looks at the content included in a typical doctoral program, along with an idea of how long it will take to earn the degree. Get details about...

Doctoral Degree in Management Information Systems (MIS)

If you are considering a career in research, the field of management information systems, or MIS, might appeal to you if you are interested in networking among computers, and advancements in MIS theories.

Doctoral Degree in Organizational Management

The culmination of studies in organization interaction is a doctoral degree. This article will show you what you you can expect to research in economics and ethics during a doctoral program, and what it takes to obtain admission into a program.

Doctoral Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration

Doctoral degree programs in public policy and public administration prepare you for jobs that shape the way governments, non-profit organizations and public entities affect society. Learn about program options, and read on to find out what...

International Business Doctoral Degree

If you enjoy learning about the theories behind business across the globe, you might be interested in earning a doctoral degree in the field. This article looks at the typical curriculum and how to earn the degree.

Management: Doctoral Degree Programs

Earning a doctoral degree in management could help you rise to an executive position with your company or prepare you for a career in research and academia. This article will show you the courses in leadership and ethics that will work toward...

Organizational Leadership and Management Doctoral Degree

For a career in researching and instruction in management, a doctoral degree in organizational leadership might be for you. Two degree options are included in this article, along with a look at the typical coursework and admissions requirements.

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