Doctoral Degrees in Education

Doctoral Degree Information: Education Degrees

If you already work in education, but are interest in moving into an administration career, it may be time to head back to school for an advanced degree. This section has information about doctoral degrees in education, including educational administration, counselor education and music education. Each article includes information on program coursework, skills learned and career options.

Counselor Education and Supervision Doctoral Degree

Read about the requirements for earning a doctorate in counselor education and supervision, and explore some of the course topics you'd study. Find out what jobs you could pursue with a doctoral degree in this field. Check the availability of...

Doctoral Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

A doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction could prepare you to work in schools assessing, designing and implementing teaching programs. The article below introduces you to types of programs and their coursework.

Doctoral Degree in Educational Administration

You can learn about historical and philosophical perspectives on education in an educational administration doctoral degree program. Find out the admissions requirements, and learn about the employment outlook and average salary for educational...

Doctoral Degree in Pastoral Community Counseling

Read about your options for earning a doctoral degree in pastoral community counseling, including Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy programs. Explore some of the course topics you'd study as a doctoral student in this field. Review the...

Doctoral Degree Program in Education

There are many options for those considering doctoral degrees in education. In this article, we will explore the different formats for obtaining either a Ph.D. or Ed.D. in education and what sorts of specialization options exist for these programs.

Doctoral Degree Program in Instructional Leadership

Doctoral degrees in instructional leadership are the culmination of your studies in higher education. This article shows you the fundamentals of a doctoral program, along with examples of coursework and what to expect from your dissertation.

Doctoral Degree Programs in Educational Leadership

What kind of education program is right for your plan of study? Find out with this article, which details the options in educational leadership doctoral programs. The article gives examples of courses and learning formats.

Music Education: Doctoral Degree

A doctoral degree program in music education and can prepare you for a postsecondary teaching or educational leadership job in music. This article looks at the requirements for entering a program, along with the music courses you will find at the...

School Psychology: Doctoral Degree

A 5-year school psychology doctoral program can train you to conduct diagnostic assessments of children using evidence-based practices and to work with educators and parents to intervene and consult with students who face challenges. Find out the...

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