Electrician FAQs

How Do I Become a Certified Electrician?

Certified electricians install, maintain, test and repair electrical systems. Read on to find out more about becoming an electrician and gaining certification in the field.

How Do I Become a Master Electrician Online?

Only very skilled and experienced electricians are eligible for master electrician licensure. Most of your training will occur during an apprenticeship, and prospective master electricians also need to pass a licensing exam.

How Do I Become an Electronics Repair Technician?

Learn about the education and training options for electronics repair technicians. Explore the types of voluntary certification available to professionals in this field and get job outlook and salary info.

How to Become a Master Electronics Technician

The master electronics technician designation is an advanced credential for electronics technicians. Read an in-depth description of this credential, and learn how you can become qualified to test for it. Review your educational options in the...

Master Electrician Courses

Master electricians are advanced electricians who have met the education and experience requirements for certification set by their state. Learn more about electrician education programs and courses.

Online Classes and Degrees for Electrical Technicians

Electrical technicians assemble, install and repair electrical components; plan and modify electrical systems; and perform other similar tasks. Get information about the training required as well as tips for choosing an onlinr program.

Online Electrician Certification and Degree Programs

There are no electrician programs available online, but you can earn a certificate or a diploma through a traditional campus program. Get information about on-campus program options and state licensure.

What Are the Courses in an Electrician Certification Program?

Electrical certification is a designation awarded by a professional organization, such as the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee, to individuals who have shown competence in their skill set. To qualify for certification,...

What Do Electricians Do?

Electricians install and maintain the components that bring electricity into residences and businesses. They must have thorough knowledge of electrical theory, code requirements, safety practices, and specialized skills, such as soldering and...

What is a Journeyman Electrician?

Research what it takes to become a journeyman electrician. Learn about the educational requirements, certification and licensing, job outlook and salary information to find out if this is the career for you.

What is an Aircraft Electrician?

Aircraft are operated by complex electrical systems. Individual components such as lighting, landing gear, pilot instrumentation, and ignitions systems are each run by an electrical system. Aircraft electricians are specially trained to install...

What is an Electrician Apprenticeship Program?

Read on to find more information about electrician apprenticeship programs, which allow you to earn a paycheck while you're training in the trade. Get info on what you'd learn as an electrician apprentice.

What is the Typical Salary of an Electrician?

Do you want to work in an occupation that many people rely upon? Are you good with your hands and interested in machinery? Read on to find out how much electricians typically earn along with some helpful career information.

Where Can I Find Electrician Courses Online?

While most electrician training programs include an apprenticeship and require hands-on learning, some programs offer courses online. Ashworth College in Norcross, GA, Michigan State University, University of South Florida in Tampa, Tidewater...

Which Well-Known Schools Offer Electrician Courses?

Schools across the United States offer courses designed to prepare students to work as electricians in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Learn about electrician courses and programs offered by some well-known schools.

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