English Language and Literature FAQs

Associate Degree in English

Find out what types of associate degree programs in English are available and how you can enroll. Keep reading to learn more about common course topics, as well as career options and continuing education for graduates.

Careers for English Majors

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with an English degree. Read on to learn more about career options in writing, advertising, education and government work, along with skills you can acquire and potential earnings.

Children's Literature Degree Programs

Degree programs in children's literature can help you sharpen your writing skills, while also preparing you for a number of related careers. Keep reading to find out more about degree levels, online study options, course topics and possible careers.

Children's Writing Courses and Degrees

Find information on children's writing courses and programs, including certificate, and master's degree programs. Continue reading to learn more about course topics and options for online study.

Comparative Literature Degrees: Distance Learning Programs

Comparative literature degree programs cannot be completed through distance learning only, though you can take certain classes online. English degree programs, which typically offer related courses in literature, may be completed online. Learn...

English Composition Courses

Whether you're a college student or a working professional, English composition courses can give you the tools you need to organize your thoughts and put them down on paper. Keep reading to find out more about English composition courses.

English Courses and Degree Programs

English degree programs and courses train students to analyze texts, vocalize opinions, write papers and conduct research. More information on this field, such as common programs and classes, is available in this article.

English Language and Literature Majors

A bachelor's degree program in English language and literature may offer specializations in American or British literature, comparative literature, literary criticism and more. Read on for more information about what you can learn in a degree...

English Literature Degree Programs

An English literature degree will teach you about various works of English literature from throughout history. Keep reading to find out more about the types of degrees available, what you'll learn, online programs and your career options.

English Literature Majors: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a major in English literature. Read on to learn more about career options along with employment outlook and salary information.

English Literature Professor: Salary and Career Facts

Explore a career as an English literature professor. Read about education requirements, work responsibilities, salary and job outlook to see if this is the right career for you.

English Masters Degree: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with a master's degree in English. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and job growth information.

Graduate Programs for English Majors

Graduate programs in English can broaden your career possibilities. Find out how to select a graduate school, and learn what financial aid programs are available for graduate students. Explore the variety of course topics you can study in an...

How Do I Become a High School English Language Arts Teacher?

Research what it takes to become a high school English language arts teacher. Learn about education requirements, certification, and salary to find out if this is the career for you.

How Do I Become a Linguistic Specialist for the Federal Government?

Many federal government agencies employ linguistic specialists for diplomatic, military, and educational positions. Keep reading to learn about the requirements for starting a career as a linguistic specialist for the federal government.

Literature Degrees

In a literature degree program, you'll read and analyze stories, novels and poetry from a variety of historical time periods and cultures. Bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs are available in literature. Explore typical coursework and...

Literature Teacher: Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for literature teachers. Get the facts about what type of degree programs can prepare you for a career as a literature teacher at the high school or college level, as well as information on course topics, public...

Master's Degrees in Children's Literature

You can study children's literature through a Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts program. Read on to learn about the differences between these types of programs and courses you may take, which could include literary research, fairy tales and...

Master's Degrees in English: Online and Campus-Based Programs

At the master's degree level, you might choose a specialty within an English program, and you can also choose to complete a thesis or non-thesis track. Find out more about degree program options and potential careers.

Master's Degrees in Literature: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Literature master's degree programs allow you a high level of flexibility in choosing a specialization; for example, you could study literature from a particular historical period, world region or genre. Read about what you might study in a...

Online Associate Degree Programs in Literature

While online literature programs aren't offered at the associate's degree level, you can take some literature classes through an online liberal arts degree program. Find out more about the curriculum, how online programs work and what you can do...

Online Bachelor's Degrees in Literature

There are multiple program options for earning a bachelor's degree in literature online. Learn about typical course topics and online learning requirements for bachelor's degree programs in literature.

Online Courses in Children's Literature

Taking courses in children's literature can prepare you to write for children or to teach them. Explore some of the topics you could study through online children's literature courses and find out how online classes work.

Online English Degrees

Find out what courses you'll take in online bachelor's and master's degree programs in English. Learn about degree concentration options and how online programs work.

Online English Literature Courses

Several schools offer online English Literature courses as non-credit, stand-alone options or as part of a degree program. Keep reading to see what you'll learn and how you can participate in online learning.

Online English Major Programs

Find out what kinds of courses are available to online English majors. Continue reading to learn more about program requirements and prerequisites, career possibilities and related salaries.

Online Linguistics Courses

Find out what you could study in an online linguistics course, either at the undergraduate or graduate level. Learn about the degree levels available in this course of study.

Online Literature Classes and Degrees

Get program overviews for online classes and degrees in literature. Explore the variety of options, and see how online learning works. Find out more about schools that offer these programs as well.

Online Master's Degree in English Literature

An online master's degree in English literature may help you become an author, editor or college instructor if you don't have time for an on-campus program. Learn about program content, requirements and outcomes.

Online Shakespeare Courses

Explore the romance, tragedy and beauty of Shakespeare's poetry and plays in an online Shakespeare course. Read about how these courses work and what you'll learn.

PhD in English Literature: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Although some courses may be offered online, the majority of coursework in an English literature Ph.D. program must be completed on campus. Courses explore literary periods, literary criticism and influential authors. Read on for more information...

PhD in Literature

Literature Ph.D. programs offer opportunities for specialization; for example, you could focus on classic literature, feminist literature or African-American literature. Continue reading to learn about the structure of doctoral degree programs in...

Professor of Literature: Salary and Career Facts

Explore the career requirements for literature professors. Get the facts about academic duties, educational requirements, doctoral courses, salary potential and which states are the highest-paying to determine if this is the right career for you.

Top English Masters Programs

A master's degree program in English allows you to study the historical, cultural and theoretical aspects of literature. Learn more about what three of the top ten schools have to offer in areas of specialization, program customization and award...

Top Schools for English Language and Literature

Review the typical characteristics of a school with a strong English program. Read about three schools with nationally ranked English programs, and explore the language and literature degrees they offer.

Undergraduate Courses in English Language Arts

Undergraduate courses in English language arts typically include studies in writing and literature. Continue reading to learn more about classes and online programs that can lead to a bachelor's degree in English or literature.

What are Popular Jobs for Graduates with an English Major?

Many people think finding a job for English majors is next to impossible. Fortunately, bachelor's degree programs in English teach many useful skills that make graduates employable in a variety of areas.

What are the Core Courses in an English Language Degree Program?

Core courses required for an English language degree give you a foundation in the history, theories and forms of English language and literature. Although classes may vary from college to college, all core courses can prepare you for detailed...

What are the Core Courses of an English Literature Degree Program?

Students with a love of words, language and reading often choose degree programs in English literature when they enter a university. Core courses of an English literature degree program cover literary interpretation and major writers and periods...

What are the Core Courses of an Online English Degree?

Aspiring English majors who can't attend classes on campus can obtain a bachelor's degree in English online. The core courses of an online English degree fit into three basic categories - English language, literature and writing - which we'll...

What Can I Do with a Degree in Linguistics?

Linguists are interested in the sets of structures that put thought into sentence form. Graduates of linguistics programs often put their interests to work in the fields of teaching, translation, research, business, and computers.

What is a Degree in Linguistics?

Linguistics is the study of languages. Students who choose to study linguistics learn how languages change over time, are related to one another, and can be broken down into structural components.

What is English Composition?

College English composition teaches reading and writing skills that are useful in academic and professional settings. Read on to learn more about English composition 1 and 2 courses, their availability, and some degrees that regularly use the...

What Skills Will I Learn in an Online Linguistics Course?

Linguistics is the study of how languages came to be, how they are related to other languages and the different components of language, which includes grammar, phonetics and syntax. Many universities and colleges offer online linguistics courses...

What Will I Learn in an Online English Course?

An online English course provides you with the skills necessary to converse and write properly in the English language. You might also improve your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. This article will detail what you could expect...

Where Can I Earn a Degree in Secondary English Education?

Many colleges offer Bachelor of Arts in Secondary English Education programs that prepare students to teach English, literature and language arts in middle schools and high schools. Read about some universities with B.A. in Secondary English...

Where Can I Earn a Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics?

Many universities and colleges offer graduate programs in applied linguistics. Students studying linguistics often go on to pursue careers in areas like speech pathology, teaching English as a second language, interpretation or bilingual education.

Where Can I Earn a Linguistics Degree Through Distance Learning?

Distance learning linguistics degree programs allow you to take courses from the comfort of your home as your schedule permits. Get more information about some schools that offer online programs in this subject.

Where Can I Earn an English Literature Degree via Distance Education?

Many accredited universities offer English literature degrees through distance education at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Read on to learn about the curriculum of an English literature degree program, and learn about a few schools...

Where Can I Find an Online Bachelor's Degree in English?

An online bachelor's degree in English provides students with good communication skills, and qualifies graduates for a career teaching English. Online degree programs are becoming more readily available at accredited universities and colleges....

Where Can I Find an Online Master's Degree in English?

If you're considering a master's degree in English, but are busy with work and other obligations, you might consider one of the number of online Master of Arts (M.A.) degree programs offered at various universities throughout the country. Keep...

Where Can I Find Free English Composition Courses?

We all need a little help from time to time with grammar or writing rules for a school paper, business document or other writing endeavor. Fortunately, a variety of colleges and universities offer free online English composition courses. Keep...

Where Can I Find Free English Literature Courses?

Students can access course materials on English literature at any time with these free courses. Yale University and The Open University each provide interested individuals with this opportunity.

Where Can I Find Free Online Literature Courses?

You can find free online literature courses through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These self-paced undergraduate courses do not lead to credit.

Where Can I Find Free Online Poetry Classes?

MIT offers several free online poetry classes, many of which focus on a particular time period or poetic style. These undergraduate courses do not award credit.

Where Can I Find Online College Classes in English?

Online college classes in English give students the opportunity to improve their English language skills at their own pace. Being proficient in English improves writing and communication, which might help with career enhancement or advancement....

Where Can I Take Comparative Literature Courses via Distance Learning?

Comparative literature is generally the study of literature in different nations, languages and cultures. This article will discuss some schools that allow students to take distance learning comparative literature courses.

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