Environmental Engineering FAQs

Environmental Engineering Majors

Choosing an environmental engineering major can allow you to learn about water and air pollution, ecological damage, soil contamination and other environmental issues. Learn more about degree program and job options.

Master's Degrees in Renewable Energy

If you want to help decrease our dependence on energy sources such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, you might consider a master's degree in renewable energy. Learn more about degree programs and career options below.

Masters in Environmental Engineering: Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for environmental engineers with master's degrees. Get the facts about education and licensure requirements, salary, and potential job growth to determine if this is the right career for you.

Online Associate Degree Programs in Renewable Energy

You can learn how to create and sustain solar, wind and hydro power through an online associate degree program in renewable energy. Learn more about courses available and online or on-campus options.

Online Degrees in Solar Technology

Discover the types of solar technology degree programs that are available online. Find out employment outlook and median salaries for careers in the field.

Online Environmental Engineering Degree Programs

Environmental engineering focuses on threats to the world's natural landscapes and resources. Many degree programs offer specialization options. Keep reading for info on common courses, requirements and online programs.

Online Environmental Engineering Schools and Courses

Online environmental engineering schools offer graduate certificates and master's degrees. Learn about undergraduate prerequisites, courses of study and program accreditation requirements.

Online Petroleum Engineering Degree Programs

An online petroleum engineering degree can lead to a career in the oil industry or oil exploration. Read this article to get more info on degree choices and content, as well as salary and job outlook.

Online Renewable Energy Courses and Degree Programs

Read about your options for online study in the renewable energy field, including degree and certificate programs. Explore the course topics covered by these programs and classes. Find out what it's like to take renewable energy courses in an...

Renewable Energy Graduate Programs

Many schools offer graduate programs focused on renewable energy sources and how they can be harnessed for environmental conservation efforts. Learn more about program options and content.

Top Environmental Engineering Graduate Schools

Learn about graduate degree options available in environmental engineering. Find out which top schools offer these programs and the kinds of research facilities and specialization options are available.

Undergraduate Environmental Engineering Degrees: Online Programs

Environmental engineering addresses issues such as sustainable development, land use and environmental regulations. Find out more about undergraduate degree programs, areas of study, online availability and career options in this field.

Wastewater Management Degrees: Online Programs

Wastewater management combines science and engineering to help preserve the earth and its natural resources. Read on to learn about online degree programs, what you'll learn, other degree options and careers in the field.

What Are High-Paying Careers in Environmental Engineering?

Greater attention to environmental issues has increased the demand for trained environmental engineering professionals. Read on to learn about the high-paying career options of environmental engineer, professor and environmental manager.

What are the Core Courses for a Degree in Environmental Health?

Core courses for a bachelor's degree program in environmental health are generally similar from institution to institution. They often cover topics such as human health and toxic chemicals, food protection and industrial hygiene.

What Are Typical Courses for an Online Environmental Engineering Degree?

Typical core courses for an online environmental engineering degree are virtually the same as those for an on-campus degree in the subject. The most common online environmental engineering degree offered is the master's, and it often includes...

What Career Options Are there in Environmental Health and Safety?

There are many career options open to individuals interested in working in the field of environmental health and safety. Career options in environmental health and safety may include toxicologist, food safety inspector, or sanitation director.

What Colleges Have Undergraduate Environmental Engineering Degrees?

With the emphasis in green technologies and environmental protection, more well-known colleges are adding undergraduate degree programs in environmental engineering. Ivy League universities such as Yale, Harvard and Stanford have environmental...

What Courses Are in an Environmental Engineering Graduate Certificate

The course curriculum of a graduate certificate in environmental engineering is similar to the curriculum for a master's degree in environmental engineering. Courses include environmental biotechnology, air pollution, management of solid waste,...

What Does an Environmental Engineer Do?

Environmental engineers use their knowledge of chemistry and biology to identify and address humanity's negative impact on the natural world. Read on to find out more about environmental engineers.

What Does an Environmental Tech Do?

An environmental tech may work for a company or organization, as a consultant, or in the field. An environmental tech may collect and test samples or make sure the company that he or she works for is in compliance with all environmental laws and...

What Top Schools Offer Environmental Health and Safety Degrees?

Environmental health and safety programs teach students how to apply technical and safety management principles to workplace environments. ''U.S. News & World Report'' ranks some of the top schools in the nation to offer these programs at the...

Which Schools Offer Environmental Health Graduate Degrees Online?

The study of environmental health examines factors that affect the environment and human health. Two schools offering online graduate degrees in environmental health are A.T. Still University and the University of Illinois at Springfield. Both...

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