Equipment Repair FAQs

Appliance Repair Majors

Completion of a certificate or associate's degree program in appliance repair prepares you for entry-level employment as a service or repair technician.Read on to learn about these programs' requirements and the courses that you'll take once...

Online Boat and Marine Mechanic Schools

Your options for pursuing training as a boat and marine mechanic through online study are limited, due to the hands-on nature of this field. However, you can find some individual online courses in related topics, or you could opt for an on-campus...

Online Classes in Boat Motor Repair

Classes in boat motor repair can prepare you for a job maintaining the propulsion systems of boats and other marine vehicles. Online classes in boat motor and small engine repair are difficult to find, but some options exist. Read on to learn...

Online Medical Equipment Repair Schools and Training Programs

A medical equipment repairer works at hospitals, repair companies and other related organizations. Learn about the training required for this career, and get tips on selecting a school.

Online Schools with Appliance Repair Classes

Learn about schools that offer online training courses in appliance repair and how these courses work. Find out what you can learn and get ideas on how to practice your new skills.

Online Schools with Marine Technology Programs

If you want to learn how to maintain and repair marine electrical systems or acquire the skills to assist an oceanographer on a research vessel, you may want to get hands-on training from an on-campus or shipboard marine technology program. Some...

Online Watch Repair School

Horology, the study of the art and science of measuring time, is what you're concerned with if you're interested in learning about watch repair. While watch repair is a hands-on skill, there are opportunities for you to study the craft online or...

Prepress Technician Jobs: Career & Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for prepress technicians. Get the facts about salary, job duties, training requirements, and job outlook to determine if this is the right career for you.

Radio Mechanic: Salary and Career Facts

Radio mechanics install, maintain and repair radio transmitting and receiving equipment. Continue reading to learn about relevant degree programs, common job duties and earning potential for radio mechanics. Find out what licensure and...

Radio Repair Schools and Courses

Radio technicians repair professional telecommunications equipment as well as consumer goods. Learn how to train in radio repair via an electronics technology degree program. Get info on choosing a school, and find out what technical skills...

Where Can I Find Free Online TV Repair Courses?

Free online TV repair courses are provided by universities such as Drexel University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tutorial topics cover areas like troubleshooting and safety guidelines.

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