French Language FAQs

How Do I Become a French Teacher?

Research what it takes to become a French teacher. Learn about education, certification and licensing requirements, and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

Master's Degrees in French: Online Programs

While master's degree programs in French are not offered online, there are many on-campus programs to choose from. Continue reading to learn more about prerequisites, courses and career possibilities for graduates.

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in French Language

Those interested in learning the French language at the undergraduate level may be interested in obtaining a bachelor's degree in French online. Learn what kinds of online programs exist, the types of courses you can take and the career...

What Are the Requirements to be a French Teacher?

French education degree programs are offered on campus by many universities. Through these programs you'll learn about foreign language teaching methods and French culture along with the French language. If you want to help individuals move...

What is the Curriculum of an Online French Course?

The curriculum of an online French course includes a study of the grammar and vocabulary of the French language. In addition, the curriculum must provide time for students to practice their speaking and comprehension skills. Find out more about...

Where Can I Find an Online Bachelor's Degree in French Language?

Bachelor's degree programs in the French language are more commonly found as on-campus programs, though there are a few schools that offer online and hybrid learning programs. Read on to learn about online options for learning about the French...

Where Can I Learn to Speak French Online for Free?

There are several places online where one can learn to speak French for free. Read on for information about five resources that offer you this language opportunity.

Which Colleges Offer Online French Classes?

Several universities offer online French classes. Classes typically cover the study of the French language, literature or culture. If you'd like to learn more about which universities offer online French classes, keep reading.

Which Schools Offer an Online Master's Degree Program in French?

Master's degrees in French language and literature aren't typically offered online, but there are several schools which offer a master's degree program on-campus. Read on to learn more about a master's degree program in French.

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