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Accelerated Speech Pathology Master's Programs

If you want to become a speech pathologist without spending the standard 2-3 years for a master's degree, there are accelerated speech-language pathology master's degree options for qualified students!

Agricultural Engineering Master's Degree Programs

Earning a masters degree in agricultural engineering will allow students to gain necessary knowledge and experience that they will utilize when they enter into their career. Learn about earning a masters degree agricultural engineering below.

Analytical Chemistry Graduate Degree Programs

Earning a masters degree in analytical chemistry will allow students to work in a variety of different environments, and in a number of different careers. Learn about earning a masters degree analytical chemistry.

Art Therapy Master's Degree Programs

Learn about the topics studied in art therapy master's degree programs, as well as any program prerequisites and the typical time to finish the program.

Best Type of PhD Programs for Physician Assistants (PA)

Physician assistant (PA) programs prepare students for clinical careers in several healthcare specialties. A PA position can be obtained after completing a bachelor's degree program and an accredited PA program; however, some students may choose...

Central Asian Studies Graduate Degree Programs

If you love Central Asia's culture, history, and languages you can turn your passion into a career with one of these graduate programs in Central Asian Studies.

Clinical Social Worker vs. Mental Health Counselor

Clinical social workers and mental health counselors are both mental health professionals who help their clients cope with both the stress of life and with mental illness. Read further to learn more about these important positions.

Cosmetic Chemistry Graduate School Programs

Learn about the common courses you may take in a cosmetic chemistry graduate school program, as well as the typical length of time to complete the program and prerequisites.

Counseling Psychology Graduate Programs in Colorado

A graduate degree in counseling psychology opens opportunities for a career in medical and academic institutions, community-based counseling, consulting firms, and private practice. Learn more about the program offerings, curriculum requirements,...

Dual Degree Programs for MBA & PhD

Dual degrees can offer learners the opportunity to expand their horizons and earn two degrees through one course of study. A Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree and Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree can combine to give students a...

Dual Master's and PhD Programs in Psychology

This article discusses the prerequisites for a dual master's and PhD program in psychology. You'll also learn about the common courses you might take and the approximate duration of the program.

Executive MBA Programs with No GMAT Requirement

Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs offer students the opportunity to earn an advanced degree while remaining in the work environment. Often these programs can waive the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) requirement.

Graduate Business Schools in NYC

Graduate business schools provide students several pathways to obtain an advanced degree. Schools in New York City include programs that offer the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, Master of Science (MS) degree, doctoral programs...

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics

Mathematical fields are predicted to grow nearly three times faster than most fields. A graduate certificate in mathematics, either online or on-campus, could give job seekers an edge.

Graduate Degree Programs for Sociology Majors

While some students choose to continue their sociology research at the master's degree level, others find that their bachelor's degree in sociology prepares them to branch out into a more practical field within the social sciences.

Graduate Degree Programs in Forensic Psychology in California

Learn about the colleges in California that offer graduate degrees in Forensic Psychology and their program lengths, costs, and requirements. Gain information about some of the common core classes and what you can expect to learn.

Graduate Programs & Degrees for Biology Majors

Biology is the study of living things and their life processes. Graduate students can choose from a wide range of degree options to further their education, expand their career prospects, and build valuable foundational skills.

Graduate Programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Mental health professionals are an important part of our healthcare system and the sector is growing very quickly. There are a variety of degree options you can choose from depending on what you want to specialize in.

Graduate Programs in Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor therapy utilizes experiences in wilderness settings to explore and address behavioral and mental health issues. This specialized field may appeal to psychology majors, mental health care professionals, and those interested in the human...

Graduate School Admissions

Review some of the typical admissions requirements for graduate school, and find out how to apply. Read about what happens next after admission to a graduate program.

GRE vs. GMAT for MBA Admissions

There are two entrance tests options for MBA applicants, the GRE and the GMAT. Figuring out which test is the right one for you will depend on your unique affinities, test-taking style and career goals.

Hematology Master's Degree Programs

Hematology, the study of blood and blood disorders, is a growing field with a range of applications in practice and research. If you want to build your career in hematology, here are some master's degree programs that can set you on your way.

How Do I Earn a Ph.D. Degree Online?

Many schools offer online Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in subjects ranging from education to physical therapy. Earning a Ph.D. degree online requires prior completion of either a bachelor's or master's degree program and perhaps some...

How Do I Find the Right Graduate School?

Finding the right graduate school can often be more complicated than finding the right undergraduate school. It's likely that fewer schools will offer the graduate major you're interested in pursuing. However, once you know your desired field of...

How Do Online Graduate School Courses Work?

Busy professionals who are interested in pursuing advanced coursework in their field may benefit from the convenience of online graduate school courses. Read on to learn how online graduate school courses work.

How Do PhD Programs Work?

If you are thinking about continuing your education, but you do not know what to expect from a PhD program, the information below will fill you in on coursework, residencies, research, and other elements that make up most PhD programs.

How Do You Get a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering?

Earning a masters degree in industrial engineering will allow students to work in a variety of environments as they strive to eliminate waste in production. Learn about earning a masters degree in industrial engineering below.

How Does a Distance Learning PhD Work?

Many PhD degree programs can be completed through distance-learning programs, such as online or low-residency-requirement programs. Learn about these distance-learning PhD programs and how they work.

How Does Earning an MBA via Distance Education Work?

Earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) via distance education works much the same way as earning a traditional campus-based degree, in the sense that the subjects studied are the same. However, distance education students usually have...

How Does the Graduate School Admissions Process Work?

The graduate school admissions process works differently at each university and sometimes within different departments of the same university. Certain steps in the process, however, are required by nearly all schools. Read on to find out more...

How to Get a Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering

A Master's in Aerospace Engineering can be completed online through one of many programs. Applicants should hold a bachelor's degree and have some engineering credits to qualify. Read more below.

Is a Master's in Engineering Management Worth It?

Earning a masters degree in engineering management will allow students to further their knowledge and prepare for their future engineering careers. Learn more about master's degree program information and other details below.

Is a Master's in Statistics Worth It?

Is a master's degree in statistics a smart investment of your time and money? Take a look at the opportunities that a master's degree can open up to make your decision.

Is it Worth it to Get a Master's Degree in Public Relations?

Public relations (PR) is a budding field designed to help clients develop and maintain their relationship with the public. Public relations agencies manicure the public image of their clients. In our content-driven society, the PR field is...

Jobs for a Master's Degree in School Counseling

There are a number of jobs available to those who have earned a master's degree in school counseling. Many of these jobs involve working with children and teens. Find the best jobs that utilize this degree, learn about the job duties, and see the...

Jobs for a Master's in Mental Health Counseling

Are you ready to turn your passion for helping people into a meaningful career? A master's degree in mental health counseling can help you gain the professional skill-set and certification necessary to turn caring for people into a full-time job.

Jobs for a Master's in Real Estate

Real estate is a very broad career area. There are numerous positions available in commercial real estate, finance, and other fields in which a master's degree would be an asset. Management- and executive-level jobs in these areas are common.

Jobs for Graduates with a BS in Mathematics

Find out about the types of jobs you can have with a mathematics bachelor's degree. Read on and learn about different career options, salary information and training requirements.

Jobs for Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Gaining a master's degree in mental health counseling can lead to many different career paths. Learn about these different paths and take a look at the potential earnings for each.

Jobs with a Master's in Human Resources Management

There are several careers you could pursue if you have earned a Master of Human Resource Management (HRM). While lower-level positions usually require a bachelor's degree and some professional experience, higher-level positions often require a...

Jobs with a Master's in Microbiology

Individuals with master's degrees in microbiology have many career fields from which to choose, including teaching, management, biophysics, biochemistry, environmental science, and public health. Learn more details about these careers, such as...

Jobs You Can Get with a PhD in Marketing

Learn about the different types of careers you can have with a Ph.D. in Marketing, their salaries and job outlook, plus program requirements and common courses.

Latin American Art History Graduate Programs

Pursuing a graduate degree in Latin American art history can enhance your existing degree and lead to more specific careers in the Art world. Learn about the different courses you could study and potential careers below.

Master of Science in Economics and Finance

To earn an Master of Science in Economics and Finance degree, students typically need a bachelor's degree with some economics college credits. Within three years students may graduate and find several types of employment opportunities. Read more...

Master's & PhD Programs in Poverty Studies

Whether you enjoy working at a structural level changing laws or at an individual level mentoring individuals, there are graduate degree programs in poverty studies that can help you channel your passion for poverty reduction into meaningful action.

Master's Degree in Pop Culture

Do you want to study popular culture trends at an academic level? These graduate programs can help you transform your knack for staying ahead of the latest memes and Netflix shows into a career path!

Master's Degree in School Counseling in Colorado

Colorado offers four accredited programs to earn a Master's of Arts degree in School Counseling. Below you will find information about the program basics, admittance requirements, and specifics detailing the four programs offered in Colorado.

Master's Degree in Tax Accounting

Earning a masters degree in tax accounting will help students to learn specific skills that they will need to enter into the workforce. Learn about earning a masters degree in tax accounting below.

Master's Degree in Water Resource Management

A master's degree in water resource management can lead to a career in research, engineering, or policy development. Read on to find out more about prerequisites for enrollment, core classes, and career opportunities in water resource management.

Master's in Economics and Political Science

If you are interested in economics and political science there are a variety of graduate school programs that combine both fields of study into a single master's degree program.

Master's in Human Resource Management in Chicago, Illinois

There are 7 graduate schools in Chicago, Illinois, that offer Masters degrees in Human Resource Management. Here is information about the programs, credit hours required for completion of the degrees, and approximate length of time to complete...

Master's in Human Resource Management in Florida

There are several accredited graduate schools in Florida that offer human resources management (HRM) degrees at the master's level. Usually, these fall into two categories: Master of Science (MS) degrees or Master of Business Administration (MBA)...

Master's in Human Resource Management in New York

There are many graduate schools in New York that offer degrees in human resources management. Prospective students can choose from accelerated or traditional programs that are offered online, on campus, or in hybrid formats.

Master's in Human Resource Management in Virginia

The graduate programs in human resources management (HRM) in Virginia offer courses online and on campus in topics such as personnel recruitment, strategic human resource management, and training and development.

Master's in Immunology and Infectious Diseases

A master's degree program in immunology and infectious diseases provides students with lab experience before working in epidemiology, public health, or medicine. Some graduates choose to go into research and development for companies working on...

Master's in Marine Biology Requirements

Those interested in a career that involves working with marine life or in marine research might find a Master's Degree in Marine Biology useful. This article explains what you can expect as a student in a master's degree program in marine biology.

Master's in School Counseling in California

Learn about master's degree programs in school counseling in the state of California. You can compare costs, requirements, and credentials received in this article of accredited California universities offering this degree.

Master's in School Counseling in Dallas, Texas

Find out which colleges in Dallas, Texas offer graduate degrees in school counseling and look at program info and tuition, as well as what you can expect to learn in common courses. Learn about jobs related to school counseling and their salaries...

Master's in School Counseling in Maryland

Four Maryland schools offer options for pursuing a master's degree in school counseling. Below you will find information about general program details, admittance requirements, and specifics in regard to these accredited programs.

Master's in School Counseling in Minnesota (MN)

School counselors work with K-12 students, on social, emotional, academic, and career aspects of their lives. Minnesota offers at least four programs accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs...

Master's in School Counseling in Oregon

Oregon has six schools that offer graduate programs in school counseling. Learn more about the program offerings, coursework, tuition costs, and admission requirements of these institutions.

Master's in School Counseling in San Diego, California

If you are looking for great school counseling master's degree programs in San Diego you are in luck! Here are the best counseling programs in the San Diego area.

Master's in School Counseling in Utah

Three universities in Utah offer graduate programs in school counseling, with courses in career development, multicultural counseling, and the like. Learn more about admission requirements, tuition costs, and class schedules of these programs.

Master's in Speech Pathology Degrees in Tennessee

If you are looking for great school pathology master's degree programs in Tennessee you are in luck! There are a variety of programs available in the Volunteer State.

Master's in Zoology Degree Programs

Earning a master's degree in zoology could allow students to enter into a career where they can study animals and how they live and interact with their environment. Learn more about earning a master's in zoology.

Master's Programs in Pharmaceutical Engineering

Earning a masters degree in pharmaceutical engineering will allow students to gain the knowledge and experience that they need to enter into the work force. Learn about earning a masters degree pharmaceutical engineering.

MBA & Education Dual Degree Program

This article will help students learn about some of the prerequisites needed for enrolling in a dual MBA and Education program. Some common courses that students might have to take during the program will also be discussed.

MBA Programs in California with No GMAT Requirement

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is typically required to enter Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. There are programs in California that will waive this test with certain applicant background, such as undergraduate...

MBA Programs in Los Angeles (LA), California Without a GMAT Requirement

Many universities require a successful GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) before admitting students to graduate business programs, such as the MBA. The following article outlines which schools in LA can be applied to without a GMAT score.

MBA Programs in New Jersey Without a GMAT Requirement

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs often require the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to enter the program. There are several MBA programs in New Jersey that waive this requirement for qualifying students.

MBA vs. MS

Individuals with a completed bachelor's degree may consider furthering their education by obtaining a Master in Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Science (MS). Assessing key differences in these degree options will give a learner the...

MBA vs. MS in Marketing

Students and professionals with expertise in marketing can pursue further education by obtaining as master's degree. For the marketing discipline there are two options that may be appealing to these individuals, a Master of Science in Marketing...

Mental Health Counselor vs. Clinical Psychologist

Mental health counselors and clinical psychologists are important parts of an individual's journey to mental health. Read further to learn about these two, potentially lifesaving, positions.

Middle Eastern History Graduate Programs

Middle Eastern history is a huge field with a range of exciting applications. Due to the variety of available programs, you can choose a master's degree based on whatever aspect of Middle Eastern history and culture interests you most!

MPA - MBA Dual Degree

This article talks about the various reasons why one should enroll in an MPA-MBA dual degree program and some of the common coursework that might be required for the degree.

MS in Finance vs. MBA

Master of Science in Finance and Master of Business Administration degrees can both prepare graduates for careers across a wide range of industries. This article offers you a comparison of the two degrees, including the admissions requirements,...

Museum Studies PhD Programs

Museums are a central place for the preservation, education and bringing together communities. If you want to learn more about the museum field, you must weigh the museum studies options and decide which one is the best for you.

Native American Scholarships for Graduate Students

Scholarships can help cover the costs of college, making the academic journey less intimidating. However, they must be earned, and each has its own conditions. Prospective students are encouraged to look into any and all financial awards...

Nutritional Psychology Graduate Program Schools

Individuals wishing to pursue nutritional psychology will need to study health psychology. Find out which schools offer health psychology or blended psychology and nutrition degrees, tuition, and information about common courses.

Occupational Therapy Graduate Programs in New Jersey (NJ)

New Jersey has three universities that offer one upcoming and two current graduate programs in occupational therapy. Read on to learn more about the credit requirements, curricula, admission standards, and tuition costs of these programs.

One Year Master's in Accounting Online

A Master's in Accounting can be completed within a year with one of several programs. Programs require a bachelor's degree with a qualifying GPA, but some requirements can be waived with others. Read more below.

One Year Online MBA Programs with No GMAT Requirements

Earning an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) can give students a competitive advantage. This can be done in less than a year and the requirements such as a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) are often waived.

Online Doctoral Programs in Healthcare Management

For students who plan to work in healthcare management, pursuing a terminal degree may be a great way to expand career opportunities. There are a number of healthcare management terminal degree programs that are offered online.

Online Graduate Certificate in Mathematics Education

An online graduate certificate in mathematics education is suited for those who want graduate level learning and professional development. Most programs are meant for current educators, seeking professional development or plan to pursue a...

Online Graduate Programs in Trauma Studies

Many colleges and universities offer online graduate programs in trauma studies. The available programs and general coursework will be profiled for potential students.

Online Master's in Finance 1-Year Program

Several schools offer a one-year program for a master's in finance or allow a two-year program to be completed more quickly. Students can expect to take multiple classes and learn about many financial topics during the program. Read more below.

Online Master's Programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

This article covers online master's program options for clinical mental health counseling and provides an overview of ten programs as well as the graduate tuition rates for the 2018-2019 school year. All of these programs are accredited by the...

Online Master's Programs in Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a great field with an exciting range of applications and specialities. Many of the country's top-rated university kinesiology departments offer flexible online programs.

Online MS in Finance Degree Programs

An MS in Finance can be completed online and can take as little as one year. Students will learn about personal, corporate, and international finance, and can acquire employment in many different industries. Read more below.

Organic Chemistry PhD Degree Programs

A PhD degree program in organic chemistry prepares students for careers in academia, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, research, science communications, and other related industries. Learn more about the coursework, topics of interest, and common...

PhD Programs Without a GRE Requirement

In 2017, 428 schools in the United States offered doctoral programs, according to the National Science Foundation. Some of these schools and programs had entrance requirements for admission into PhD programs that did not include Graduate Record...

Political Science Graduate Programs Online

Political science is a broad field with an exciting range of applications and specialities. Many of the country's top-rated university political science departments offer full-degree programs online.

PsyD vs PhD in Psychology

PsyD or PhD in Psychology? Is there a difference between these two terminal degrees, and which one should you pursue? Let us get familiar with what each degree prepares prospective students for as this will help determine the best track of study...

Speech Language Pathology Master's Programs in California

California has a lot to offer when it comes to speech pathology master's degree programs. Here are a number of the nationally acclaimed speech-language pathology programs in The Golden State:

Speech Language Pathology Master's Programs in Florida

This article covers master's program options in speech-language pathology in Florida and provides the essential features of each of the programs as well as graduate tuition rates.

Speech Language Pathology Master's Programs in Illinois

A degree in Speech Language Pathology can lead to careers in many different fields, including working in hospitals and schools. Learn about the program offerings, coursework requirements, and tuition costs of these institutions.

Speech Language Pathology Master's Programs in New York

This article covers master's program options in New York for students looking to become speech-language pathologists and offers an overview of several programs as well as graduate tuition rates.

Types of Psychology Master's Degrees

If you want to turn your fascination with the brain and behavior into a well-compensated career, you might think about applying to a master's degree program in psychology.

What Are Advanced Education Degrees?

Teachers who want to become specialized or expand the subject matter they're qualified to teach may pursue an advanced education degree. Many degree programs are also designed for aspiring administrators, like principals and instructional...

What are Some Effective Ways to Conduct a Graduate School Search?

Just knowing about the resources available to you can take the challenge out of finding the right graduate school. Read below for more information regarding some effective ways to conduct a graduate school search.

What are the Most Popular Distance Learning MBA Programs?

Students who want to pursue an advanced business degree from home may be interested in an online MBA program. Read below to find out about some of the most popular distance learning MBA programs.

What are the Most Popular Distance Learning PhD Programs?

Students who would like to pursue advanced degrees but cannot commit to on-campus study may be interested in distance learning Ph.D. programs. Read on to find out more about some of the more popular distance learning Ph.D. programs.

What are the Most Popular Online Graduate Degree Programs?

Popular online graduate-degree programs are designed to increase graduates' competitiveness in education and in certain health professions. The programs are discussed further in the article below.

What are the Types of Graduate Degree Programs?

Students who would like to pursue advanced degrees have many kinds of graduate degree programs to choose from. Read on to find out more about the different types of graduate degree programs.

What Can I Do With a PhD in Leadership?

Discover the types of jobs you might pursue that will either require or utilize a Ph.D. in leadership. Learn about the different job duties, salaries, and projected growth.

What Can You Do with a Master's in Criminal Justice?

There are a number of different career paths are available to those with a master's degree in criminal justice. Learn about the different kinds of jobs, their salaries, and the outlook of employment.

What is a Graduate Certificate?

Do you need additional education to advance in your career, but don't have the time to complete a full degree program? Have you always wanted to earn a graduate-level education, but life keeps getting in the way? If so, a graduate certificate...

What is a Graduate Degree?

Graduate school includes both master's and doctoral-level degree programs. These advanced academic degrees are available to individuals who already have completed bachelor's degree programs and wish to further their education. Some popular types...

What Is the Best Master's Degree for the Future?

Making the decision about the best master's degree for the future is usually influenced by looking at the job relevance, salary, and growth in occupations that require the minimum of a master's degree for an entry-level position.

What Makes a Good Graduate School?

For a graduate school to be considered good, a number of measurable and immeasurable factors need to be considered. A prospective student should look for a school that fits their individual needs and has favorable statistical data pertaining to...

What to Consider When Choosing a Master's Program

There are at least sixty-three (63) careers requiring a minimum of a master's degree for an entry-level position. Before choosing a program, it is important to consider both the program details and your motivations for pursuing a master's degree.

What's the Difference Between MD and PhD Degrees?

Both the MD and the PhD are advanced degrees, but they often represent very different subject areas. Individuals with MD degrees are medical doctors, while those with PhD degrees have expertise in one of many academic or medical subject areas.

What's the Salary for a College Graduate with an Online Degree?

Students who graduate from an online degree program may be qualified to pursue a variety of career paths. Read below for more information regarding the annual salary for a college graduate with an online degree.

Where Can I Find Free Graduate Courses?

Graduate courses are available online through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts University as non-credit classes. They are designed for interested individuals who want to access particular courses at no cost.

Where Can I Find Scholarships for Graduate School?

Scholarships for graduate school can be more challenging to find than scholarships for an undergraduate education. However, funding opportunities are available if you know where to look. Read on to learn more about scholarships for graduate-level...

Which Public Schools Offer Graduate Degrees Online?

An online degree program makes it possible for students to complete a postsecondary degree from the convenience of their homes. Read below to find out details about specific public schools that offer graduate degrees online.

Which Universities Offer Online Graduate Degrees in Education?

For students interested in furthering their study of education, an online graduate degree in education may a good option. Read below for details about some of the universities that offer such degrees.

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