Home Inspection FAQs

Online Building Inspector Courses

Online courses for building inspectors are available through certificate, continuing education, and certification classes. Read on to discover available courses, where to find them, and how online learning works.

Online Building Inspector Degree Programs

Online building inspector degree programs may not be available due to the hands-on training requirements of the profession. Learn about the program options that are available along with commonly offered classes and job opportunities.

Online Home Appraisal Courses

Licensed real property appraisers inspect homes and small income properties, provide an estimate of value based on market data, and prepare appraisal reports for lenders and other clients. Learn about online courses in real property appraising.

Online Home Inspection Courses and Degree Programs

A career as a home inspector involves making sure homes are safe and working with home buyers. You can begin this path by enrolling in an online home inspection program. Keep reading for more information on this profession and how to get started...

Online Property Appraisal Training

Learn about online training programs in property appraisal and what you can expect from an online course. Continue reading for additional information on the courses you might take, job options and salaries.

Online Schools for Aspiring Home Appraisers

Aspiring home appraisers with an associate's degree can participate in online courses and programs that prepare students for professional licensing or certification, which qualifies individuals to estimate the value of real estate when it's sold,...

What are Well-Known Colleges with Degrees in Home Inspection?

Earning a degree is the first step in starting a successful career in home inspection. Three well-known schools offering related degrees include Milwaukee Area Technical College, the College of Southern Nevada School of Advanced and Applied...

What is the Typical Salary of a Home Inspector?

If you're looking for a career that requires knowledge of construction, electrical, plumbing and other building-related fields, becoming a home inspector could be the right choice for you. Read on to learn how the salary of a home inspector...

What Skills Will I Learn from a Home Inspection Course?

Students in a home inspection course might expect to learn skills ranging from the evaluation of a building's foundation to effective client communication. The article below provides an idea of the basic concepts that are covered in some home...

What Training is Necessary for a Career in Home Inspection?

In order to have a successful career in home inspection, you need to be able to provide accurate and knowledgeable reports about a home's physical condition. The article below discusses the type of training necessary for a career in home...

Where Can I Find Online Home Inspection Classes?

Home inspectors examine residences, usually for prospective buyers, to determine the overall condition of a home and whether or not there are any foreseeable problems. Online home inspection classes may be offered through professional...

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