Industrial Engineering FAQs

Bachelor's Degree Programs in Manufacturing Engineering

Get information about the classes offered in a bachelor's program in manufacturing engineering. Learn about common course topics, and get information about career options using this degree.

Facilities Engineer: Career and Salary Facts

Facilities engineers ensure the smooth operation of power plants, manufacturing plants and various other types of facilities. Learn about the education requirements, certification options and average salary for a facilities engineering career.

Industrial Design Majors

Learn about bachelor's degree programs in industrial design and online program availability. Read about prerequisites and career opportunities in the field.

Industrial Design Master's Degrees: Salary and Career Facts

Industrial designers use both art and engineering skills to create concepts for new products and manufactured goods. Find out the typical duties, employment outlook, and education requirements for a career in industrial design.

Industrial Technology Majors

Majors in industrial technology blend technological training with the fundamentals of management and could prepare you for a position as an industrial technologist or manufacturing manager, among other jobs. Learn more about the major, online...

Oil and Gas Engineering Master's Degrees

Master's degree programs in oil and gas engineering are most commonly offered as petroleum engineering programs. This course of study can help update your skills and prepare you for supervisory positions within the field. Read about the...

Online Industrial Design Courses and Degrees

You can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees through distance education combined with practical hands-on experience. Get details about classes offered along with career options in the industrial design field.

Online Industrial Engineering Bachelor's Degree Programs

A bachelor's degree program in industrial engineering teaches you about quality improvement, management, and industrial processes in order to streamline manufacturing or make a business more efficient. Read on for what you can learn and do with...

Online Industrial Engineering Degrees

Get information about degree levels available in industrial engineering. Learn about the duties of these engineers, and find out about required classes and program admissions requirements.

Online Industrial Technology Degree Programs

Read about degree levels and classes offered in industrial technology programs. Learn about careers where this knowledge is needed and get information about employment growth and median salaries.

Online Production Engineering Courses

If you enjoy science, mathematics and computers, but can't find time to go to school, online study in production engineering might be for you. Learn about what's taught in production engineering courses, whether online degree programs are...

Top Industrial Engineering Graduate Schools

Review some important considerations for selecting a school with a good graduate program in industrial engineering. Get info about three top-ranked schools with graduate programs in this field, and find out what industrial engineering degrees...

What are Some Common Jobs in the Field of Industrial Technology?

Graduates of undergraduate industrial technology degrees often find entry-level work as industrial technologists or production managers, industrial engineers or manufacturing engineers. Completion of a master's or doctoral program or...

What are Some Key Concepts in the Field of Production Management?

Production management consists of several processes, including quality assurance, budgeting and expense control. It may also take into account inventory control, production planning and product conceptualization. This article discusses the major...

What Are the Courses Covered in an Industrial Engineering Online Degree Program?

Colleges and universities generally include similar basic or core courses in their online degree programs in industrial engineering. However, not all programs require students to take these core courses. Read on to find out more.

What Are the Courses in a Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering Degree Program?

Explore the topics you'll learn if you pursue a bachelor's degree in manufacturing engineering. Get an in-depth look at some common courses in this field of study and find out about potential careers and continuing education options.

What Are the Courses in an Online Industrial Technology Degree?

An online industrial technology degree program prepares technical- or management-oriented professionals for career opportunities in business, education, industry and the government. Industrial technology deals primarily with the maintenance,...

What are the Different Degree Levels in Manufacturing Engineering?

The primary responsibility of manufacturing engineers is the design of production processes that result in particular types of products. Students can earn B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in manufacturing engineering.

What Are the Requirements for a Career as an Industrial Engineer?

Industrial engineering is a field that requires professionals who are skilled in organizational optimization techniques. Many colleges offer the general engineering or industrial engineering programs required for starting a career in the field....

What Colleges Offer Industrial Engineering Degree Programs?

Manufacturing facilities need industrial engineers to help them increase productivity while limiting costs. Read this article to learn more about degree programs in industrial engineering and some well-known U.S. colleges that offer them.

What Does a Field Industrial Engineer Do?

Field industrial engineers apply their engineering skills to improve business models and methods. Read on to explore the job description, duties and requirements of a field industrial engineer, and check the salary and outlook for this position.

What Does a Manufacturing Engineer Do?

Manufacturing engineers are a vital part of the marketplace and the products we use on a daily basis. Professionals in this field help companies produce high-quality goods at the most cost-efficient prices. Manufacturing engineers work in a wide...

What Education is Needed for a Career as a Manufacturing Engineer?

See what kind of training is required for manufacturing engineers. Get the facts about undergraduate and graduate programs, and learn more about certification, potential earnings and the job outlook.

What is Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering is a field that focuses on manufacturing and industrial processes. Most often industrial engineers seek to streamline existing manufacturing and industrial setups, but some industrial engineers create and test new...

What is Manufacturing Engineering?

Those who enjoy working with processes and materials may be interested in manufacturing engineering. Bachelor's and master's degrees are available in this field, though graduate-level training may be preferred for some manufacturing engineering...

What is the Average Salary of an Industrial Engineer?

Industrial engineers are responsible for the creation, evaluation and controlling of systems that are used in industrial production processes. Read on to see how salaries for industrial engineers vary depending on education, experience, industry...

What Jobs You Can Get with an Industrial Engineering Degree?

The skills that industrial engineers learn through undergraduate or graduate-level training can be used to help organizations offer high-quality goods and, at the same time, achieve significant profits. Read on to learn about the types of jobs...

Where Can I Find Free Online Interior Design Courses?

Interior design is covered through these websites centered around the idea of offering tips to consumers. These resources are available at any time, and at no cost.

Which Schools Offer an Industrial Engineering Degree Program Online?

Industrial engineers develop and implement efficient and effective production systems through the integration of people, machines, materials and more. They also evaluate and improve existing production systems. Arizona State, Texas A&M and Purdue...

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