Land Surveying FAQs

Bachelor's Degrees in Land Surveying

Get information about the education requirements and licensure options for career as a land surveyor. Learn about employment options and career titles.

Land Surveying Master's Degree Programs

Specialized training offered through a master's degree program in land surveying can help you advance your career in this field. Read on to find out more about program coursework and the availability of online degrees, as well as licensing...

Online Land Surveying Certification Programs

Online certification programs for land surveying are rare, but graduate certificate programs in related fields like geographic information science are available online. Get information about degree options and classes available.

Online Land Surveying Courses and Schools

Get information about online classes in land surveying. Learn about schools, class topics and program offerings along with career opportunities that use these skills.

Online Land Surveying Degree Programs

An online degree in land surveying can lead to a career that allows you to work both indoors and out. Read on to learn what degree types are available online, explore common courses and find out what is required for an online class. You'll also...

Online Quantity Surveying Degrees

Quantity surveyors analyze and estimate construction costs for different building projects. Read on to learn about educational programs that train you for this position, including those with online courses.

What are the Core Courses in a Land Surveying Degree Program?

If you are interested in earning a degree that can prepare you for a career in land surveying, you might want to look into degree programs in surveying and mapping, geographic information science or geomatics. Read on to learn about the core...

What are the Education Requirements for Becoming a Land Surveyor?

Land surveyors gather the data that determines land, water and air boundaries. Read on to find out about the education and training requirements for entry into this career.

What Does a Land Surveyor Do?

Land surveyors determine property boundaries and prepare maps and survey plots accordingly. Read on to learn more about the job duties and working conditions of land surveyors.

What is Marine Surveying?

Marine surveying is the practice of inspecting marine equipment, primarily boats and cargo, to determine safety and market value. A marine surveyor may be called in to assess a damaged vessel for insurance purposes, appraise a vessel that is...

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