Law Enforcement FAQs

Bachelor of Professional Studies Programs in Police Science

Read about the courses you'd take as a student in a bachelor's degree program in police science. Check the availability of online degree programs in this field. Review your job options in law enforcement, and get info on continuing your education...

Bachelor's Degrees in Police Administration and Management

Although police administration and management is an uncommon field of study, you can pursue related programs in criminal justice administration or law enforcement administration. Examine the prerequisites for enrolling in these programs, and...

Border Patrol Agent: Career and Salary Facts

Explore the career requirements for border patrol agents. Get the facts about education and training requirements, job duties and salary to determine if this is the right career for you.

Bounty Hunter Certification: Online Programs

Bounty hunters locate and apprehend fugitives from the law. Learn about education and training programs for these workers, including online options, and find out about state licensure requirements and firearms regulations.

FBI Agent: Career Requirements and Training Facts

The primary goal of the FBI is to protect Americans, and FBI agents are required to have certain skills, experience, and education to support this mission. Read on to find out if you have what it takes to become an FBI agent. Learn about the...

How Can I Have a Career in the CIA?

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Read on to learn more about the education requirements and job options, along with salary information.

How Much Does a Police Officer Make?

Police officers protect and serve their communities against lawbreakers. Read on to learn more about the salary you can earn in this career, as well as how the career outlook is for these professionals.

How to Become a SWAT Team Member: Training & Requirements

If you're interested in how to become a SWAT team member, you must meet specific SWAT requirements, including experience and specialized training. Learn more about these requirements and training.

Law Enforcement Master's Degree Programs

A master's degree program in law enforcement can provide students with the training and credentials needed to pursue administrative or other upper-level positions in criminal justice. Learn about the different types of master's degree programs in...

Master's Degrees in Loss Prevention

You can earn a master's degree in criminal justice or emergency management that can qualify you for jobs in loss prevention. Review the typical coursework in these programs, and get info about bachelor's degree options in this field as well. You...

Online Classes for Police Officers

Online courses and degree programs in criminal justice cover topics of interest to police officers. Find out what courses are offered and where to find them.

Online Colleges for Aspiring Private Security Guards

Private security guards usually undergo on-the-job training rather than completing a degree. However, you could pursue a certificate or degree in a related topic, such as security management, to enhance your training. Individual courses are also...

Online Degree Programs in Law Enforcement

Online bachelor's degree programs in law enforcement,are uncommon. Review the online curriculum for a law enforcement degree, including coursework designed for aspiring law enforcement officers as well as coursework for current police officers...

Online Degrees for Aspiring Private Investigators

Aspiring private investigators can enroll in an online associate's or bachelor's degree program in criminal justice to gain knowledge of law, investigation, and criminal theory. Learn about these programs and the average salary for investigators.

Online Law Enforcement Graduate Programs

Find out about online master's degree programs in law enforcement, including criminal justice programs. Discover the topics you'll study and how online programs work.

Online Law Enforcement Schools and Courses

You can prepare online for a career as a police officer, federal law enforcement agent or homeland security agent through undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as certificate programs. Read on for more info.

Online Peace Officer Certification

You can't earn peace officer certification online. However, you can enroll in an online degree program to acquire the criminal justice, law enforcement and investigatory skills a peace officer uses in the field. Learn more about the requirements...

Online Police Dispatcher Training Programs

Police dispatcher training programs train students how to answer and direct emergency calls. Learn if training is available online, what training is necessary to enter the field, what the job responsibilities are and what you'll learn in a...

Online Private Investigator Classes

Private investigator courses may be offered online through certificate or degree programs. Learn about the variety of courses available and find out how online programs work.

Online Schools to Become a Cop

Review the educational and training requirements for becoming a cop, and read about online learning options for meeting some of those requirements. Get info on finding a school with an online police science or law enforcement program, and explore...

Online Security Guard Courses, Training and Certification

If you're an aspiring security professional, you can take classes online that can prepare you for certification or train you in a specific area of security, like government security. Read on to learn about training and career options.

Online Undergraduate Degrees in Animal Law Enforcement

Explore available degrees and online options for animal law enforcement degrees. Read about potential career paths working with K9 law enforcement officers or as a law officer enforcing animal protection statutes, as well as the role of...

Online Wildlife Law Enforcement Degrees

Degree programs related to wildlife law enforcement are available in partially-online formats. Learn about online undergraduate degree programs in fisheries and wildlife science, criminal justice and wildlife science, as well as information on...

Security Guard Certification and Career Facts

Read on to find out more about the typical duties of a security guard and how you can earn the certification to become one. See what kind of training is generally required.

What are Entry-Level Jobs for Someone in Law Enforcement?

Law enforcement job opportunities can often be found in a variety of government and private organizations. Entry-level law enforcement positions may include police officers, security guards and transportation security officers. Read on for...

What are the Average Salaries for Law Enforcement Professionals?

As a law enforcement professional, your job would be to keep people safe by making sure everyone abides by laws and regulations. Some types of professionals in this field include police and sheriff's patrol officers, fish and game wardens and...

What Are the Courses in an Online Policing and Investigation Degree Program?

Basic policing and investigation skills are often taught in online associate's degree programs in criminal justice. The core courses focus on criminal investigation, policing or criminal justice organizations and crime prevention methods. Read...

What are the Job Duties of a Sheriff?

A sheriff is responsible for law enforcement on the county level. The sheriff's deputies carry out most of the law enforcement duties while the sheriff, usually an elected official, manages their activities. Read on to find out about a sheriff's...

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer?

A police officer is an advocate of the law. Police officers maintain the safety of others by making sure laws are upheld and criminals are apprehended. These law enforcement professionals receive specialized training through post-secondary...

What are the Requirements to Become a Police Detective?

Job requirements for detectives include completion of a police academy training program, along with some on-the-job training. Detectives must also meet physical standards, be 21 years of age and pass a background check. For more info, keep reading.

What Can I Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Police Science?

A bachelor's degree in police science can help you land an entry-level law enforcement position or advance your career. Keep reading to learn about career options, job outlook and earnings info for police science program graduates.

What Can I Do with a Law Enforcement Degree?

Aspiring law enforcement professionals often earn criminal justice degrees. When you earn such a credential, you might be prepared for a variety of careers within that field, including police officer, bodyguard or fish and game warden....

What is the Average Salary of a Police Detective?

Law enforcement salaries differ depending on the agency and area you work in. Keep reading for more information on the salaries of police detectives and about the job duties you'd have in this profession.

What is the Salary of a SWAT Team Member?

As a a special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team member, you must first be trained and serve as a police officer. Salary figures for SWAT team members and police officers are comparable. Actual earnings can be considerably more than the stated...

What Training is Necessary for a Career in Law Enforcement?

A career in law enforcement as a police officer, FBI agent, game warden, or other agent requires at least a high school diploma to start training. Some agencies have more strict educational requirements. This article will tell you more about the...

Where Can I Find Free Online Law Enforcement Courses?

Free online law enforcement courses are provided from universities like the University of California, Berkeley, and The Open University. Access course materials at your convenience.

Which College Majors Include Courses in Law Enforcement?

Whether you want to be a police officer, criminal lawyer or homeland security specialist, you're likely going to take law enforcement courses as you pursue your college degree. Read on to find out about some college majors that offer courses in...

Which Schools Have Online Law Enforcement Master's Degree Programs?

Law enforcement training is often provided in a traditional classroom setting; however, there are graduate-level programs in this field that are available in an online format. Read on to learn about several schools that offer online criminal...

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