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Master's Degree Information: Computers & Technology Degrees

If you have an undergraduate degree in technology, but are interested in furthering your education, consider one of these master's degrees in computers and technology. This category includes information on various graduate degrees that can help you advance your career and expand your skills, such as Computer Engineering, Enterprise Systems Management and Network and Systems Management. Each article includes information on the degree program, coursework and skills learned. There is also a professional overview of the career options and job outlook.

Communications Technology Master's Degree

A master's degree in communications technology can prepare you for the ever-increasing field of IT. This article shows you the basics behind a typical master's program, including the usual admissions requirements and class formats.

Computer Animation Master's Degree Program

Your career in animation can be boosted with an master's degree in animation. This article introduces the ideas contained in a master's program, including typical courses and career outlook information.

Computer Engineering Master's Degree

Learn about graduate degree options for computer engineers and the coursework offered in these programs. Find out employment growth and average salary for workers in this field.

Computer Information Systems Master's Degree

A master's degree program in computer information systems could teach you advanced skills in computer networking, programming and security. This article contains everything you need to know about a master's program and how to enroll.

Computer Information Technology Master's Degree

If you are serious about exploring a career in computer information technology, you might be thinking about a master's degree. In this article, you can find information about master's programs and the important elements of a good curriculum.

Computer Science Master's Degree

A computer science master's degree program can give you advanced skills in computer research, engineering, software planning and more. Find out about types of computer science master's degrees, online program availability, common topics of study...

Computer Systems Security Master's Degree

In the field of technology, a master's degree in computer systems security can prepare you for a long career. Read about online degree options, career possibilities and employment outlook.

Electrical Engineering Master's Degree

Electrical engineering concentrates on the generation and supply of electricity and power. Find out how earning a master's degree in electrical engineering could help your career. Learn about admissions requirements, course topics, program...

Enterprise Systems Management Master's Degree

A master's degree program in enterprise systems management can increase your skills in computer networking, information systems and software applications. This article contains information about common courses in a master's program and where you...

Informatics Master's Degree Programs

If you are interested in the link between human users and technological advancements, you should consider a master's degree in informatics. Learn about courses and specialized concentrations in this field.

Information Assurance Master's Degree Program

In the field of information assurance, a master's degree can expand your educational experience and create new job opportunities. This article looks at common courses and the requirements to get into a master's program.

Information Management Master's Degree

Get tips about the coursework required and topics discussed in a master's program in information management. Find out what qualifications are needed to enroll as well as average salaries and employment outlook.

Information Management Technology Master's Degree

Managing information systems can be a valuable career path. This article looks at a typical master's program in information management technology, including admission requirements and course offerings.

Information Security Master's Degree

Keeping information safe with technology can be learned through a master's degree in information security. This article takes a look at online and on-campus master's programs, what kinds of courses they include and career options after graduation.

Information Systems (MIS) Master's Degree

A master's degree in information systems, commonly known as an MIS, can prepare you for lucrative careers in IT. This article gives you a preview of courses contained in a typical master's program, and real-world skills you will learn in the...

Information Systems Engineering Master's Degree

If you are passionate about computer design, you might want to consider pursuing a master's degree in information systems engineering. This article shows you what goes into a typical master's program and what kinds of computer courses you can...

Information Systems Management Master's Degree

Get information regarding the requirements to earn a master's degree in information systems management. Learn about coursework and class topics, and find out what careers might need this training.

Information Systems Master's Degree Programs

A master's degree program in information systems provides you with advanced training in computer programming, systems management and information systems management. Read on to learn more about prerequisite courses and how you can learn this...

Information Systems Security Master's Degree

For those of you who enjoy the prospect of hacking prevention and IT policy, a master's degree in information systems security can be the start of a great career. This article looks at the typical makeup of a master's program, including common...

Information Technology Master's Degree Program

Information technology is a fast-growing field that requires you to solve complex technical problems. A master's degree program in information technology allows you to advance your knowledge of the field through more challenging coursework. This...

Informational Systems Master's Degree

Find out the classes you might take to earn a master's degree in informational systems. Learn about program requirements, and get information about whether online study is available.

IT Management Master's Degree Programs

Managing a company's IT department can begin by earning a master's degree in the field. In this article, you can find out some of the most common courses that will teach you about maintaining a company's technology, and the benefits of a master's...

IT Project Management Master's Degree

For those who are looking for a career in managing technology, a master's degree in IT project management will help you learn about larger projects in software and programming. This article shows you some typical courses and skills you will...

Master's Degree in Network and Communications Management

Network and communications management studies explore the methods of managing complex communication systems. In this article, you can explore the typical classes in a master's degree for network and communications management, as well as the many...

Systems and Network Management Master's Degree

If you are interested in constructing and maintaining communication networks, you might want to look into a master's degree in systems and network management. This article will tell you about the different courses you will take in networking,...

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