Media Studies FAQs

BFA in Media Productions: Salary and Job Facts

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree with a specialization in production can prepare you for a career in film or television editing or animation. Explore typical job duties and salary ranges for this field.

Careers in Communications and Media

Explore some of the many careers in the communications and media fields, such as public relations, broadcasting and marketing. Learn about the duties and educational requirements for these job options. Review the salary potential for each career...

Cinema Editor Colleges and Degrees

If you are a visual thinker with an eye for detail, cinema or film editing may be for you. Read on for information about where to go to school to learn cinema editing techniques, and see what your career options are after graduation.

Cinema School Rankings: Top Schools

Learn about well-regarded schools that offer degree programs in cinema. Find out about degree options and specializations, and get tips on selecting a program.

Library Media Specialist Degree Programs

Library media specialists are good at technology with a passion for education, helping students use print and digital library materials to develop intellectual curiosity and discover new learning techniques. Read on to find out what degree...

Master's Degrees for Aspiring Media Specialists

Learn about becoming a media specialist, associated job duties, and the training needed for this career. Find out about graduate program options and the classes typically offered in them.

Master's Degrees in Media Studies

As a student in a media studies master's degree program, you can learn how to research the opinions and habits of media consumers and craft appropriate media messages based on your findings. Read below for more information about the classes...

Media Production Master's Degree: Online and Campus-Based Programs

Find out how to apply for a master's degree in media production and about your online options to study in this field. Read about common coursework, and explore the jobs you could pursue with a master's degree in media production.

Media Specialist Certifications and Jobs

The term 'media specialist' may refer either to individuals who work as a liaison with the media in a public relations office or to those working in public or school libraries. Read on to learn more about media specialist careers and education...

Media Studies Careers

The field of media studies examines how news and television affect individuals' daily lives and perceptions of the world. Read on to learn more about the field of media studies, what you can learn in a degree program, potential careers for media...

Media Studies Degree Programs

Bachelor's and master's degree programs in media studies can lead to careers in multimedia art and marketing. Find out what classes are offered, learn about online programs and see job outlook and salary expectations for this field.

Media Studies Graduate Programs: Online and Campus-Based Programs

While you can receive graduate training in media studies online, campus-based programs are more the norm. Get info about the prerequisites, coursework and internship opportunities in graduate media studies programs.

Media Studies Majors: Salary and Career Facts

A bachelor's in media studies may qualify you for a variety of positions. Learn more about media studies majors, career options and salary information.

Media Studies PhD Programs

Would you like to help future generations understand, and thus make better use of, media and communications systems? If so, a Ph.D. in Media Studies program may be right for you. Read on to find out what you would learn in a media studies...

Online Associate Degree Programs in Media Communications

Media communications is a broad field that encompasses areas like photography, writing and digital multimedia production. Learn to create content for different channels including TV, film, the Internet and social media. Review what jobs you could...

Online Degree Programs for Media Specialists

Media specialists perform the traditional duties of a librarian and the educational tasks of a technologically savvy 21st-century teacher. Read on to learn what online degrees are available, what classes you'll take once enrolled and...

Online Graduate Degree Programs for Aspiring Media Specialists

Media specialists are also known as public relations specialists. Read on to learn about online master's degree programs in public relations, and explore the typical coursework. Discover what it's like to take courses over the Internet. Review...

Online Media Production Courses and Degrees

Degree programs in media production prepare you to enter the field of online, television and film entertainment. Learn about course and degree options.

Top Media Communications Colleges

Learn the rankings of top schools and what program levels they offer for media communications students. Get tips on selecting a program and the kinds of concentrations available.

Top Media Production Universities

Find out what you should look for when choosing a school with a strong media production program. Read about three well-ranked schools with media production programs, and explore the degree options you could pursue at each school.

Top Media Studies Graduate Schools

Find tips for choosing a school to study media studies. Learn about school rankings and degree information for three top schools with media studies programs.

What are Some Popular Careers in Media?

While actors, athletes and news presenters are the most visible occupations in media, individuals within the most popular careers work almost entirely behind the scenes. The most common careers include writing, editing, publicity, photography and...

What are the Job Duties of a Media Specialist?

Depending on the industry, media specialists create multimedia presentations or help others access different kinds of media. They may also maintain multimedia equipment. Read on to find out about the job duties of media specialists working in the...

What Education Do I Need to Become a Media Specialist?

The term 'media specialist' is very broad and can refer to several different types of careers, each with different educational requirements that range from an associate's degree to a master's degree. Read on to find out the educational...

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