Non-Profit Management FAQs

MBA in Non-Profit Administration

Learn about what is included in an MBA program in non-profit administration and what the prerequisites are for entering the program. Also learn what scheduling options are available to obtain this degree, along with possible career choices.

Non-Profit Management Certificate and Degree Programs

Learn about degree and certificate options that could prepare you for a career managing a nonprofit. Find out about the careers you could pursue and the fields in which you could work.

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs in Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit organizations help build communities by supporting everything from arts programs to emergency relief for struggling families. Learn about what is included in an online bachelor's degree program in nonprofit management, how online...

Online Nonprofit Management Degree Programs and Classes

Learn about online undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs related to nonprofit management, as well as standalone courses. Discover what it's like to take a class online. Review some of the course topics you might cover in a...

PhD in Nonprofit Management

An advanced degree in nonprofit management can prepare you for a career in philanthropic research or community development. Learn about Ph.D. programs in nonprofit management, including specializations and concentration areas available, and find...

What Are My Career Options in Organizational Management?

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue in organizational management. Read on to learn more about career options along with the required education and salary information.

What are Popular Career Options in Nonprofit Management?

Common career paths in nonprofit management include public relations, financial management, fundraising management and administrative management. Read on to learn more about these career options.

What Are the Best Schools for Nonprofit Management?

Learn about nonprofit management degree programs and tips for selecting the program that best fits your needs. Find out details of three top schools offering degrees in this field and their rankings, areas of specialization offered and the kind...

What Are the Courses in an Online Bachelor's Degree in Nonprofit Management?

In nonprofit management bachelor's programs, you can study resource acquisition, organizational behavior, information management and grant writing. Read on to learn more about these courses.

What Can I Do with a Master's Degree in Nonprofit Management?

Nonprofit organizations frequently require their leaders to possess a master's degree in nonprofit management. Geared toward working professionals, this degree program can open many opportunities to advance your career in nonprofit work or to...

What Careers Does a Degree in Nonprofit Management & Leadership Prepare Students For?

Students looking to pursue a non-traditional business path might be interested in a degree in nonprofit management and leadership. Read on for more information regarding some of the careers for which a degree in nonprofit management and...

What Courses Are in an Online Master's Degree in Nonprofit Management?

Courses in non-profit management master's programs include promotional techniques, grant writing, financial management and fundraising strategies. Read on to learn more about these courses.

What is the Average Salary of a Nonprofit Manager?

Nonprofit managers typically run a portion of a nonprofit organization. Learn more about the job duties, salary, employment outlook and educational requirements for this career.

What is the Core Curriculum of a Nonprofit Management Degree?

Nonprofit organizations generate income for advocacy groups, social welfare programs, community development projects, hospitals and schools, so the curriculum in a degree program typically covers financial and fundraising topics, as well as...

What Topics are Covered in Online Nonprofit Management Classes?

Online nonprofit management classes cover organizational leadership, fundraising, human resources, program planning and other related topics. For more information, read on.

What's the Curriculum of an Online Degree in Nonprofit Leadership?

Nonprofit leadership programs teach skills necessary to apply traditional management principles to the needs of a nonprofit organization. Students learn about special event planning, grant writing, strategic planning and recruiting volunteers....

Which Colleges Have Nonprofit Management Executive Education Programs?

Harvard University, Northwestern University, Stanford University and Boston University all offer executive programs in nonprofit management. Read on to learn about the programs at these schools.

Which Schools Offer an Online Master's Degree in Nonprofit Management?

Several schools offer online Master in Nonprofit Management (MNM) degree programs, including the University of Central Florida, Northeastern University and North Park University. A master's degree in nonprofit management helps advance career...

Which Universities Offer a Doctoral Program in Nonprofit Management?

Doctoral programs in the nonprofit field tend to be in development or leadership with a nonprofit management component. Several schools and Ph.D. programs targeted toward nonprofit work are listed here.

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