Quality Assurance and Safety Engineering FAQs

Bachelor's Degrees in Occupational Safety and Health

Find out what you'll learn in a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health program. Learn about online and in-person study options and careers in the field.

Master's in Quality Assurance: Salary and Career Facts

Find out about the types of jobs you could pursue with an advanced degree in quality assurance. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and certification information.

Master's Programs in Quality Engineering

Learn what master's degree programs include instruction in quality engineering. Discover admissions requirements, core courses and online program options.

Masters Degree in Quality Management: Online & Campus-Based Programs

Getting a master's degree in quality assurance will help you finding a job as a quality manager. Read on to learn prerequisites, course topics, online options, and salary information in the field.

Online Courses in Occupational Safety and Health

Online courses in occupational safety and health can train you to identify health and safety risks in the workplace, employ compliance techniques where required and put response procedures in motion. Read on to learn more these classes and what...

Online Courses in Quality Control

An online degree in quality control often covers topics like quality fundamentals, metrology and quality auditing. Keep reading for more information and answers to some commonly asked questions about classes, online learning and course options.

Online Health Care Quality Management Certificate Programs

Find out the requirements for enrolling in a health care quality management certificate program, online programs, common courses and learn the average salary and job outlook for medical and health care managers.

Online OSHA Safety Specialist Training Programs

Learn the courses you'll take in online and on-campus OSHA safety specialist training programs. Find out about OSHA safety specialist and technician careers along with median salary figures.

Online Quality Assurance Classes and Schools

In a quality assurance class, you can study everything from supply chain management and quality control to safety and reliability. Learn about what classes are available, how online classes work and how to choose a school.

Online Quality Assurance Degrees and Certificate Programs

Getting a degree in the quality assurance field can be fully obtained in an online program format. Read on to learn about the available online degree levels in quality assurance, as well as undergraduate and graduate degree curricula, and...

Online Quality Control Degree Programs

Online degree programs in quality control and assurance are available for those who need a more flexible schedule while obtaining a degree. Read on to learn what degree level programs are available in quality assurance, as well as common...

Online Quality Engineering Degrees and Colleges

Learn about online quality engineering degree programs and schools, and get tips on selecting the right program for you. Find out about classes offered along with career options after graduation.

Online Quality Management Degrees

Quality managers might work in engineering, manufacturing and service industries. Find out the degree programs and curricula available, and learn about employment outlook for these professionals.

PhD in Quality Assurance

A Ph.D. in Technology Management can teach you about advanced quality assurance techniques, research and quality control procedures. Keep reading to learn more about doctoral programs, typical prerequisites, topics of study and career information.

PhD in Quality Management

While Ph.D.'s aren't typically offered in quality management, you can find programs in the related field of industrial engineering. Discover program prerequisites and course requirements.

Quality Assurance Master's Degrees

Learn how a master's degree in quality assurance can prepare you for professional certification. Find out about online degree programs and career options.

Quality Management Bachelor's Degree Programs

A bachelor's degree program in quality management can train you to measure the quality of goods and services produced by a company. Learn the classes offered and median salary in the field.

What Are Common Degrees in the Safety Administration and Management Field?

Safety administration and management degrees can be granted at the undergraduate or graduate level. Read on to learn more about these degree programs and the careers they can lead to.

What Are Some Jobs in the Occupational Health and Safety Field?

The field of occupational health and safety consists of specialists and technicians who ensure the safety of work environments, equipment and employees. Part of their job consists of inspecting and testing various components of office spaces,...

What are Some Well-Known Colleges for Quality Engineering?

To enter the field of quality engineering, all you typically need is a high school diploma or GED. However, to become certified in quality control, quality assurance or quality engineering, you will need at least an associate's degree. Bachelor's...

What Are the Courses in an Occupational Health & Safety Master's Program?

Several colleges and universities in the U.S. offer master's degree programs in occupational health and safety. These programs may require coursework in loss prevention, safety management, fire protection and other safety related areas, such as...

What are the Job Duties of a Test Engineer?

A test engineer's job duties include planning, designing, and evaluating products, as well as collaborating with production management. The test engineer makes sure that the finished product can be identified easily and tested thoroughly. Testing...

What Are the Lessons in an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate Course?

Lessons from an occupational health and safety certificate course can help strengthen a person's career prospects in many fields and lay the groundwork for a career in workplace safety. Some of the key lessons taught in an occupational health and...

What Colleges Offer a Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Health & Safety?

Workers in occupational health and safety enforce regulations and identify possible dangers at various work environments. Some of the well-known universities that offer bachelor's degrees in occupational health and safety include Grand Valley...

What Concepts Are Covered in a Quality Management Course?

A quality management course includes principles, techniques and methods that can improve your work in many ways. Below are some examples of key concepts in quality management courses that are provided through various organizations.

What Does a Certified Quality Manager (CQM) Do?

A certified quality manager (CQM) not only manages a team of workers, but also leads and motivates workers to ensure the company is producing the best products or services. Here, you'll find relevant information about the career duties,...

What Does a Quality Technician Do?

A quality technician inspects products to assure that they meet defined standards for durability, function, customer satisfaction, or any other metric that the industry considers a measure of quality. The job requires knowledge of a wide variety...

What Does an Occupational Health and Safety Technician Do?

Occupational health and safety technicians and specialists do a variety of design, inspection, and testing jobs to ensure workplace safety. They work in industry, large corporations, mines, and many government enforcement agencies. Read on to...

What is a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)?

Analyzing manufacturing processes or products and recommending ways to improve them are part of a Certified Quality Engineer's work. The American Society for Quality (ASQ) certifies quality control or quality assurance professionals in 15...

What is a Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE)?

Certified reliability engineers help develop and ensure the quality of products, services, and systems. You'll find useful information about the CRE career, educational requirements, and certification process below.

What is Safety Engineering?

Safety engineering is a process of analysis and design to assure that a vital piece of equipment will work even if parts of it fail. Ideally, Safety engineering is built into the original design process. Safety engineers also analyze the safety...

What is the Typical Job Description for a Quality Assurance Manager?

Research what it takes to become a quality assurance manager. Learn about education requirements, job duties, median wages and job outlook to find out if this is the career for you.

What Schools Offer Certified Safety Professional Training Courses?

Safety professionals can earn certification from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Read to learn about schools that offer courses and training options that prepare you to become a Certified Safety Professional.

What Schools Offer Safety Management Training?

Safety management training can be found within both undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs in safety management, occupational safety and environmental science technology. Read on for descriptions of several schools that offer...

Which Schools Offer Occupational Health and Safety Courses Online?

To explore online courses in occupational health and safety, consider looking into the programs that North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of West Florida have to offer....

Which Schools Offer Online Courses to Become a Safety Supervisor?

Safety supervisors, administrators, or managers know safety code requirements from OSHA, DOT, and EPA that apply to their industry. They may be responsible for enforcing company safety rules. Many schools, organizations, and private companies...

Which Schools Offer QA Certification and Training Programs Online?

Quality assurance (QA) is a vital component of any business. Read on to learn about where to find online degree and certificate programs and what they teach.

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